Bravo Apparel

Bravo Apparel

Our T-Shirts and Long sleeves are made with 100% cotton and are pre-shrunk to have the perfect fit as soon as you receive it. Our shirts feature a tag-less neck and showcase our Bravo Concealment logo on the front and our new "Bear Your Arms" on the back.  The Long Sleeve also features "Bravo Concealment" in large letters on the right sleeve.

We have added a work shirt to our line-up. The button up shirt is made with a tough and durable cotton/polyester blend. The front features two button pockets with a pencil/pen slot. Above the right pocket you will see our Texas logo and "Bravo Concealment" on the left. The left sleeve showcases our "Bear Your Arms" flag and on the back our round "Bear Your Arms" logo.

The summer months may be upon us but it is always a good idea to prepare for cooler weather. With our Bravo Concealment hoodie you will not have to worry if the temperature drops a bit. They are made of a cotton/polyester blend and built with a robust metal zipper. Our hoodie stands out with the "Bear Your Arms" logo on the back and "Bravo Concealment" on the right arm. On the front the Texas Bravo logo is placed on left chest area. 

If you already have all your weapons in a Bravo holster then the next step would be to get yourself into some Bravo Concealment apparel. 


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  • I like order your Hoodie size XL . I Lost it ,i left it in restaurant and was my signature favorit hoodie of all. Is it possible to pre order. Im sure you think i’m not serious not long ago i tri to get it for different reason. Thank You Sincerely! Vaclav

    Vaclav Hunka Feb 16, 2019
  • I love to order Bravo Concealment Hoodie size L. This ben now my signature Hoodie past few years bad were and there ,and i love to get new if possible. Thank You and Best Regards

    Vaclav Hunka Dec 13, 2018

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