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Why LEO choose Bravo Concealment Holsters


When your life is constantly on the line, you do not want to worry about the dependability of your gear. Bravo Concealment provides durable and consistent holsters for both on and off duty Law Enforcement Officers. But it is not just LEO that choose our gear. It is also the brave men and women who serve worldwide.

Here are a few examples of these selfless people who have trusted Bravo Concealment with the the duty of securing their tools and ensuring they are readily available when the need arises.

" I work narcotics for the Los Angeles Police Department and was involved in a shooting earlier this year. I had purchased two Glock 30s holster with light attachments from you guys. Drawing from the holsters is smooth and they do not flop around like other holsters when I had to re-holster and transition to a shotgun. I LOVE YOUR HOLSTERS! I will be a client for life. MS - California"

Imagine yourself in a tense situation like MS from California; would you want a floppy holster? What if you had to drop down and get to cover in order to safely draw your weapon? Would it still be right where you expect to be? Our customers have put our holsters to the test. 

" Your product arrived 2 weeks ago and I have been putting it through its paces. It has been dropped, thrown into a concrete wall, stepped on, rolled on, fallen on, and been through too many speed draw drills to easily count. Your product is everything you advertise it to be and exactly what I asked for. If ever another Agent decides to upgrade his/her issued holster I will enthusiastically endorse your company as the manufacturer of choice. Brian - USA"

What if your in the middle of no where? Bravo Concealment will hold on to your weapon until you are ready to go.

"I will never have to worry about shopping for a holster or mag holder ever again. I received my holster and immediately took it to the range. I'm ten years plus military (still active) and will be taking this holster with me to my next duty station overseas and will use on combat patrols. I would recommend BravoConcealment to anyone who wants a well made, durable, and perfected holster with the addition of great customer service and consistent quality with all their products. Airborne!” Nicholas - USA

 What if you just a regular joe like most of us, or you have a competitive side?

"Like most IDPA/CCW shooters, I have gone through a lot of holsters. But after I purchased my first Bravo Concealment holster, I was hooked. They pull the weapon in tight to my body, hold it securely, but still allow me to obtain that perfect grip when drawing. I have three Bravo Concealment Holsters now, and they are all outstanding. I recently upgraded my G17 to add an RMR. I had a hard time finding a holster that would accommodate it properly. Then Bravo Concealment offered one, and I purchased it immediately. Great holster, just like every other item I have purchased from Bravo Concealment. I am very happy with it. I don't usually write reviews, but I would fully recommend Bravo Concealment to anybody who needs a great holster.” Doug - California

If any of these stories relate to you please let us know. If you would like to share your experience with us, we would like to hear it. Thank you to all the selfless men and women who are out there protecting our streets, fighting for freedom, and a final thank you to all the loyal customers. Last but not least if you are a first time customer, Thank You for choosing us!

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  • I thought I read on your website that you guys offer discount for LEOs. If that’s correct how do I apply or what’s the process?

    Cesar medina Jun 20, 2016
  • I’ve carried a Glock 30 for years but always had trouble concealing it because I’m a slim guy. Your holster allowed me to comfortably conceal, and years later is still in great condition after heavy use. Thanks for a great product! Alabama

    chase Apr 18, 2016
  • I’m in law enforcement, and I use your equipment. I love the durability and look of your holsters. I won’t use any other. Thank you for making amazing gear

    Scott allen Apr 02, 2016

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