Review: Bravo Concealment Linked IWB Gun Holster

LINKed IWB Gun Holster

Bravo Concealment will be releasing a combined version of two popular products. The new linked gun holster and magazine pouch, currently available for right-handed carriers, will be the preferred choice for some people. At 5’5” and medium build, I tried out this combo with some trepidation. AIWB carry and an extra magazine or two are familiar territory. But a concealed G19 (or equivalent Glock, i.e. the 23 or 32) is not something I’ve been able to pull off before aside from OWB carry in winter. Here’s how it went.

The gun holster in this combo is the Torsion, which I’ve worn for years with my little Sig P365. The new combo retains the outermost belt clip. Onto the holes where the navel-side clip would normally be is the linkage to the mag pouch. Likewise, the outer side of the mag pouch has a belt clip too, so the whole rig has a clip on each end. It’s not a small setup, but it is curved in such a way that it conforms to the equatorial zone of a human body. Placement of the attachment points is such that it also has a bit of flex since everyone’s “equator” is different.

LINKed Magazine Pouch

My Gen 4 Glock 19 (actually a 23 with a G19 barrel) fits perfectly in the holster, with that familiar comforting click-in retention I’m accustomed to with my Torsion. The mag pouch is good-looking (not that it matters under a garment), set at an angle that allows for a positive grip. I often use G17 magazines for the benefit of having more rounds. Both lengths fit in the pouch, of course, but the 17-rounder is a challenge to conceal.

This combo meets my basic standard for safety which is impenetrable trigger guard coverage and good retention so the gun won’t excuse itself from the holster in the course of daily activities. On the secondary level of what I consider to be a serious defensive holster, 1) a firing grip is achievable when the gun is holstered (even if this does require a bit of forcing my thumb rudely past my own fat when seated), 2) the gun is easy to draw if done assertively, and 3) the holster doesn’t collapse when empty, allowing for safe re-holstering without taking it off. That latter factor does require careful practice to become habit and do in a manner that doesn’t flag one’s own body parts.

Most popular optics can be accommodated in this holster. Check the product listing carefully before ordering.

LINKed IWB Gun Holster schematics

Thanks in part to the inclusion of another new product, the wing attachment, this combo conceals really well. I was surprised at how flat its profile is. Of course, any IWB system is going to require some accommodation from the wearer in terms of comfort. I do find bending forward, like toe touches, kind of cumbersome when wearing it. But there is no actual pain so I still consider this to be acceptable, unless the day involves a lot of bending to the ground from the waist.

So long as I’m wearing high- or generous mid-rise pants, the linked system works well. As with pretty much any hip-hugging pants/holster combo, visibility of the grip and mag can become a problem and sitting becomes uncomfortable as the muzzle end of the holster digs into my thigh. In this way the system is consistent with other IWB models, especially with a larger gun such as the Glock 19.

I do think the 1.75-inch belt clips should be made 2 inches as standard. Using both a Bravo Concealment brand belt and a Nexbelt, I struggle to secure the clips, especially on the bight side of the belt (magazine side for women; grip side for men). Getting the small clips over two layers of gun belt is tedious. A larger person who has a greater length of belt that’s just a single layer should have an easier time than I do in this department. The entire combo is 8.75 inches in length; quite a large percentage of most people’s equatorial real estate.

Drawing and re-holstering from the Linked IWB Gun Holster is easy and safe when done correctly. That alone makes me a fan of this new combo; effective concealment is icing on the cake.

The linked system is available for a number of compact concealment guns but not the smallest models served by the Torsion alone (Sig P365, Glock 43, and Springfield Hellcat, for example). For the person who wants excellent concealment and the ability to safely pack and practice with their compact pistol, this is a strong contender. Current price is $70.43; not including any promotional discounts. With Bravo Concealment’s 30-day guarantee, there’s nothing to lose!

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  • Awesome upgrade! Already purchased this combo, great stuff. Can’t waiting until the release of a combo for G19 Gen5 MOS lr8 combo. Thanks for building reliable, priced-right products. Hoping to see more!

    John Gallant Mar 23, 2023

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