3 Reasons People Don't Conceal Carry

There are many reason why people donʼt conceal carry. Iʼm talking about those who are ready to “strap on” that smoke wagon but something happens, something goes wrong. What is it you may ask? Youʼre gonna have to listen to the podcast. Enjoy.



Guys, thank you for joining the Bravo audio show. I'm your host, Rene Aguirre, the owner of Bravo Concealment. Guys, number one, thank you so much for everybody out there on YouTube land, thank you for watching this video, everybody out there on audio on the podcast, thank you for downloading it and sharing it. Guys, it means the world to me. Thank you so much. Today, I want to talk about three reasons why people don't conceal carry. There's many reasons why people don't conceal carry, but listen, three reasons why people don't strap on their guns consistently on a daily basis, where you don't have an EDC, you don't have an everyday carry because you don't carry every day.
Number one, you choose the wrong gun. You know, you go out there and you try to get this hand cannon, you try to conceal carry something like this. Guys, for everybody out there watching on YouTube, I have big hands, so this doesn't look that big, but this is a monster of a gun. This is a Desert Eagle, 50 caliber Desert Eagle, right? And so, a lot of people out there, they try to conceal carry guns, big, maybe not something like this, right? You know, but they're out there trying to conceal carry something that holds tons of rounds and, you know, they want the rounds and they want the long barrels because they want accuracy and they wanted heavy so that the recoil isn't there and so on and so forth, or they put on all this ninja stuff on it. And by the time you know it, you can't conceal it because it's just way too big and way too heavy. 
Guys, go out there and choose the right gun. Dirty Harry's, you know, 44 Mag, Automag, whatever it was, it's not gonna work for you in this situation. Now, if you can do that, if you can go out there and conceal carry Desert Eagle, more power to you, man. More power to you. If you can go out there and conceal carry a Glock 21, do it man, do it. An FNX-45, do it, but a lot of people, they make the mistake of going out. They're spending a lot of money on these guns and then they just sit in the safe because they just can't conceal carry it, it's just too big. And after a while, it'll start weighing down on you. It's kind of weird. You start off excited and you almost feel like Superman and you can conceal carry almost anything. 
Me and a friend of mine, we got our concealed carry hang on licenses at the same time. And so, I remember him telling me the first night that he concealed carry, he strapped on three guns, he strapped on a shoulder holster, and in smaller the back gun holster, and an appendix gun holster inside the waistband. And he says, he drove to McDonald's, went through the drive-thru window, and he felt like such a bad dude because he was out there concealed carrying legally even though he was in his vehicle, so he was asked...anyways, you know, so, yeah, you feel like that in the beginning. You just want to go out there and you just want to carry as much as you can because, you know, you're excited to do so. And at the same time, you feel that it's a long process and you finally get it and so you just want to go out there and you go gung-ho man. No pun intended, but you go all out.
But after a while, it'll die out and, you know, the excitement kind of dies out and then reality sets in, and it's like, "Dude, I can't carry two guns, I can't carry three guns, I can't carry a hand cannon. I can't." And so, it just ends up in your safe. So, guys, make sure that you go out there and buy the right gun. Be real, be true to yourself. Reality is gonna set in and you're gonna realize that you can't carry, you know, a gun that weighs three pounds or something like that, you just can't, right? So, make sure that you choose the right gun. I like the Glock 19, this is my preferred EDC, the Glock 19. I run in a torsion gun holster but this is what I like, it's what I carry most of the time. 
Now, down here in South Texas, it gets hot, right? The summers are crazy, so, in the summer, especially in the summer time, I like to go with a Glock 43 or an M&P Shield. Those are great conceal carry guns as well. They're single stack. You don't get as many rounds as you would with a Glock 19, but carrying something with less rounds is way better than not carrying something and leaving it at home. Guys, I'm telling you this is a big mistake that a lot of people make. And so, you may even go through a couple of guns because you're not sure, right? You may think that you'll be able to conceal carry a Glock 19, you're gonna end up selling it, and getting a Glock 43 or M&P Shield or some Ruger of some type, something a little bit smaller. 
Now, again, it's just...it's gonna be up to you, guys. It really is. But don't make the mistake initially of going out there and getting this huge gun because you just feel safe with it. You know, be practical, be realistic. That's one of the main reasons why people don't conceal carries because they just buy a gun that they can't conceal carry on a daily basis and it just ends up on the nightstand, in the safe, or it just stays in the car.
The second reason why most people don't conceal carry is because they wear the wrong clothes. So, you cannot conceal carry…there isn't a magical holster out there that's gonna allow you to conceal carry when you're wearing a skin-tight shirt, right? Or when you're just wearing the wrong pants. And so, that's a big mistake. You need a dress around conceal carrying. Guys, the conceal carry is a way of life. It's kind of like working out, it's a way of life. When you start working out, you start eating better, right? Or you're supposed to, right? You start waking up earlier or, you know, you move things around because you want to work out, right? So, you stop watching shows because, hey, you know what? I work out in the evenings or, you know, you watch them later, whatever the case may be. But still, there's change. 
Same thing with conceal carry. You know, many people feel that I'm gonna start conceal carrying and nothing's gonna change. Things change, guys. Things change. You know, now you have a gun, now you need to make sure that when you get home, you put it in a safe place. If you have children, not to leave it laying around, things like that. So, things change, your wardrobe is one of them, that's gonna have to change. Now, if you're just a regular guy, likes to wear standard polos and, you know, just button-up shirts, then you can probably...you'll be able to conceal carry with a good gun holster. But for the most part, you're gonna have to dress around conceal carry. Is basically what I'm trying to say, you're gonna have to just dress around it. 
And so again, it's a way of life, you need to understand that you may not be able to wear certain things. If you want to tuck in your shirts, you're gonna have to go out there and try to find a gun holster that's tuckable, that will allow you to tuck in your shirt. What happened with me is that I used to tuck in my shirts all the time, now I just don't. It's just easy for me to put on and take off. I love the fact that like the DOS or the torsion gun holster that you can just, on a single boat clip configuration, you can take it off and put it on really quick, guys. And so, you're gonna have to dress around that. So, make sure that you do so when it comes to wardrobe.
The third reason why people don't conceal carry is because they just choose the wrong gun holster. That's where we come in, right? Bravo Concealment. And not to say that, you know, we're the only ones with great gun holsters. There's a lot of good gun holster manufacturers out there, plenty. So, make sure that when you go out there and find a holster that it is a conceal carry holster. There's a difference between just the standard holster and a conceal carry holster. Make sure that you grab a holster that's gonna pull the gun nice and tight up against your body. If you're gonna go inside the waistband, obviously those are a concealed carry gun holsters. But if you're gonna go outside the waistband, make sure that you choose something that's gonna allow you to conceal carry. 
The best thing to do is try out the gun holster, make sure that they have…you know, make sure that they have a money-back guarantee. You know, Bravo Concealment has a 30-day money-back guarantee. Go try it out. If you don't like it, send it back. Our gun holsters are not for everyone. But they are for most people, most people end up keeping them and they love them. But same with any other gun holster, if we don't offer the gun holster for your gun type, go out there and try to find a gun holster company that'll allow you to try it out, you know, before you spend, you know, $40, $50, $60 on a gun holster, and sometimes even more. So, make sure that you choose the right gun holster that it is a concealment gun holster, guys. I repeat, it's got to be a concealment gun holster if you really want to conceal carry. 
I know it sounds like common sense, but trust me guys. It almost seems like there's a shortage of common sense nowadays. So, make sure that it is a conceal carry holster, make sure that you can try it out before you end up keeping it, and make sure that it suits you. A lot of holsters…you know, a lot of people ask me, "Should I go inside the waistband or outside the waistband?" It's gonna be up to you. It really is gonna be up to you, the end user. I know people that can't carry, you know, their car keys in their pocket or their phone in their pocket. Much less stick a gun in a gun holster inside the waistband, that's not gonna happen. So, understand your carry options and make sure that you are a good candidate for inside the waistband.
Again, try out a gun holster. If it doesn't work, send it back and then try it on an outside the waistband gun holster, maybe that'll work better for you. Again, Bravo Concealment offers that, so, you can try one out. If you don't like it, send it back. So, what a lot of people do is that they'll buy a bundle, they'll buy an inside the waistband gun holster and then outside the waistband gun holster, they try them out. Whichever works best, they keep, and they send the other one back. You know, a lot of times, they just end up keeping both because it's always good to go inside the waistband and outside the waistband. There may be some times especially in the winter where you can definitely go outside the waistband and it may be a little bit more comfortable for you. So again guys, make sure that you choose the right gun, and make sure that you understand it's a lifestyle and you're gonna have to dress around it. And then make sure that you get the right holster. I get so many questions on what's the right gun, what's the right holster? And I just felt like I needed to make this video and share this with you, guys. I hope it helps.
If you have any other questions, please, email us, office@bravoconcealment.com or just pick up the phone and call us, 956-783-7682. We're here guys to help you. Please, there is no dumb question, don't ever feel inferior, please. Especially against us, I know that in this niche, it can get a little crazy, but I'm telling you guys, we're here to help. There is no dumb question. If you want to know what IWB stands for, call us up, shoot us an email, we can help you with that. Obviously, you can google it. But if it's gonna pertain to you and the purchase of a new gun holster, yes, please, let us know, guys. We're here to help, guys. 
Thank you so much. I hope this helps. Thanks for listening, guys. Go out there, google us, Bravo Concealment. Go check us out, we're on SnapChat, we're on Instagram, Instagram story, we're on Facebook, we're on Twitter. Guys, we're everywhere. Go check us out and make sure you follow us on Facebook and on Instagram, we're under Bravo Concealment, SnapChat and Twitter, we're under Bravo Holsters. Go check out YouTube, make sure that you subscribe and click on that little bell on top. That little bell, you see that little bell right here? Make sure that you click on that bell. Daniel's probably like, "Oh, no, now I'm gonna have to do a little bell right there." Yeah, Daniel, make sure that you put a little bell right there and ding, ding, ding. Click on that bell, so that way, you can get notifications every time that we upload a video. And go check out bravoconcealment.com, home of the 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping, and unlimited lifetime warranty, guys. Thank you so muc for listening, I will talk to you guys soon.


Rene Aguirre

Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment. Rene has been carrying concealed on a daily basis for over 8 years and has been a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder for more than 20 years. Finding a high interest in firearms for many years, Rene started Bravo because of the “lack of” a good concealed carry holster on the market.


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  • I love your products! Great holsters! I have two for my Glock 19. I plan on purchasing a Glock 42 and was wondering if you plan on making a holster for that platform? Bravo Concealment is all I carry in!

    Chris Youtzy Sep 17, 2018

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