30-06 Sign - Does Anybody Care?


How many times have you come across this sign when entering a place? If you donʼt conceal carry, it doesnʼt really affect you other than telling the “Bad Guys” that itʼs 7 gun free zone and youʼre gonna be in it. How many of us ignore this sign and walk in anyway? Here is my take on this. Enjoy


  • Laws are different in all states. In Kansas, being constitutional carry, the only place you cannot are federal buildings. There is very specific signage (sign must be on all doors, must be a lined through 92FS pistol only, at eye level, etc.) to prohibit carry, but for the most part, if you have a valid conceal carry license, you can carry most anyplace in Kansas. Schools are the most murky area, in my opinion. If places have the proper signage, they ask you to leave or get charged with trespass.

    Stan Walker
  • if you get “caught” in a posted 30.06 sign, they can charge you with trespassing, if you do not leave when asked to leave. The business asks u to leave. leave…….

    I agree I don’t go into a business that has 30.06 signs.

    Texanaggie (LTC instructor)


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