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A Letter From The Owner

A Message From The Owner Of Bravo Concealment

We know you have been waiting patiently for new gun type options. We would like to apologize for the long wait and assure you that we are constantly working around the clock to expand our holster options.
As you may already know, we have discontinued our “custom” line of gun holsters. This is largely due to the fact, that our lead times were growing larger and larger. Although, some of the “garage” holster companies may think this is a good problem to have; we do not feel that is the case. Well, initially, yes; but as a company grows larger in daily sales, so does the overhead. This can kill a company’s profit margins in the end. This is an example of why you will see some Kydex companies selling holsters for close to $100 or more! A 3-month lead time is a company’s silent killer. It’s just like having too much stock and you simply can’t move the products fast enough.
Anyway, enough of the business lesson. We have designed a new manufacturing process we call AMP (Advanced Manufacturing Process). It incorporates CNC machines, CAD/CAM designs, 3D scanning and advanced engineering. All this creates the aluminum molds we use to make your holsters. Though the process is quite impressive, it is slower than simply taking a “blue gun” and squishing 2 pieces of hot Kydex to make a sub-par mold. But, with our new manufacturing process, once the mold is made, the AMP allows us to make high quality, consistent holsters at a very fast pace.
We have put all our efforts in creating a larger AMP line with more options. Again, we ask you to be patient. Ultimately, this process is made to benefit you, our customers. With AMP we will be able to offer you better prices and meet our goal of “In-Stock” holsters with same day shipping. We thank you for your patience and your business. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we have the best customers in the business. We thank you for all you’ve done and we owe it all to you.
Thanks Again,
Rene Aguirre
Bravo Concealment

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  • Rene,

    Like some of your previous customer comments, I too was a repeat customer of Bravo Concealment because of your extensive line of gun and laser/light options. The quality of your product, lifetime warranty, free shipping, and the fact that you run a Christian company continued to bring me back to Bravo Concealment time and again.

    To do away with your extensive line of customer holsters and laser/light options and only offer a limited number of CNC manufactured Glock and Springfield models is not in line with what I believe to be the desires of your core customer base. The fact that your current capabilities don’t even offer a holster for the SIG P320 line of pistols with laser/light options is also unbelievable considering the number of these pistols that will soon be selling to the civilian market as they respond to this pistol being the new standard for the US Army and several large govt. LE aganecies.

    Offering holster and laser/light options for pistols made by SIG, Beretta, Century Arms, H&K, Ruger, and FN has to be where some of your company’s capacity remains. I realize your intent is to eventually provide a larger number of gun models with your CNC manufactured product line, but you’ll need to hurry up or you will lose a portion of your customer base because they will be forced to find a suitable substitute elsewhere.

    I also see that you no longer offer the RTT holster….I have more of them than your BCA model because of the RTT model’s zero cant…as you know straight lines are strong lines when drawing a firearm. I’m not sure why you would not make RTT model holsters but please bring them back as well.

    Competitors like Crossbreed, G-Code, and Raven Concealment don’t offer the pistol make/model and laser/light combos that your company did…that’s why I kept coming back to Bravo Concealment and that’s probably the same reason others did as well.

    None of us like having to wait 6—12 weeks for a custom built holster, but waiting for something you can’t find anywhere else is better than having nothing at all.

    In saying all of this I would strongly urge you to bring back or retain your custom holster line….at least until your CNC manufacturing process allows you to seamlessly transfer capacity to a much larger pistol make/model and laser/light product line.

    Business transitions are never easily made and I fully recognize that you are the one assuming all of the risk associated with this business decision. I will be praying that God provides you with the wisdom to make the best decisions both now and moving forward.


    Steve Dorris Jul 01, 2017
  • You used to have a statement on your website that said you wouldn’t compromise quality for faster shipping times and you just thanked us the customers for your success, but since you have gone to this “AMP” process you have compromised quality and spat in our faces (mainly the left hand customers which I am not) to chase the all mighty dollar. We are passionate gun enthusiasts who are willing to wait and pay more for top quality holsters that you used to be the leader in hands down. I seriously advise you to reconsider your business decision and bring back the top quality custom holsters and quit going after the top selling firearms models. Everyone and their dog makes Kydex holsters now for the popular guns, but what set you apart was your custom offerings. Remember you said it yourself you owe your success to us!

    Wayne Rhodes Jul 01, 2017
  • Left-handed holsters? Thank you.

    Mike Jun 30, 2017
  • I have a few BC holsters and love them but since the closing of your custom line I’ve had to purchase three holsters from one of your main competitors, paying more for them. I know other custom order businesses experiencing growing pains have handled it another way. They opt to occasionally close their books to allow them to catch up without lead times bordering on ridiculous then reopen as needed to keep a steady flow. I can only imagine how much business you’ve missed out on from customers with pistols that aren’t Glocks, M&Ps or 1911s.

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the custom option will return so I’ll continue to look for what I need elsewhere. Your company is probably doing fine without it anyway but, like someone else said, I’m willing to pay more and wait for exactly what I want/need elsewhere.

    Also, I know it’s subjective but, I prefer the custom feel of a “garage”-made holster over a mass-production item made in the interest of optimal profit margins. I have a recent offering of the BCA-light bearing holster and the fit/finish is no less than what I expected from BC… but it still feel… ehhh. Gun guys like me spend more for nicer guns and the gear that goes with it.

    GR Jun 30, 2017
  • What the hell is this? The reason I’ve bought 22 pieces of your stuff is BECAUSE of the custom shop.

    If someone will make an acceptable quality product that meets my teams specific needs, then I’ll use them. If I can’t order a left handed Sig 226 with a Surefire X300 or a right handed Glock 42 with a Streamlight TLR-6 in that level of detail then I’m not interested in your product.

    If I can’t meet the needs of my highly customized team then I’m forced to find other options.

    Adam Jun 30, 2017

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