About The DOS Torsion

About The DOS Torsion - Does it really work?


The NEW DOS Gun Holster with Torsion Technology is more than just a new holster. It is an engineering feat of accomplishment. This is like no other holster you have ever seen. The integrated 10 degree inward cant is built into the holster itself, hence the word “integrated”. This allows for the grip of the gun to rest closer to the body for the maximum concealment of your handgun. 

Other holster companies have exterior attachments that allow the holster to be pushed up against your body. We feel these types of attachments are inferior to the Torsion Gun Holster for a couple of reasons. 

1 Anything attached to your holster is prone, in time, to come loose while running your gear.

2 Exterior attachments add to the footprint of gun holster making it larger and NOT a “minimalist” holster.

A few misguided thoughts I have heard from people who have never tried the holster are: 

“It’s going to be uncomfortable because it’s pushing the grip of the gun up against my body” 

“How am I supposed to draw my gun if it’s too close to my body?”

This is a false assumption. The holster takes the gun and pushes it closer to your body. It does NOT dig it into your waist. This makes for a more comfortable feel as more of the holster sits flat up against you. The grip of the gun is not affected by the design of the Torsion, as previously stated, the grip is pushed closer to the body but allows for a very good purchase of the firearm. 

The DOS Torsion is one of the most talked about gun holsters in the industry. Thousands of people have purchased one already and are very satisfied with their holster. Pick one up today and try it out for yourself. Whether you are running it appendix or at the 3 or 4 o’clock position, you’ll be surprised how well it conceals and how comfortable it is. 

Thanks and until next time, stay safe.

Rene Aguirre


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  • I will buy one as soon as you make one for the CZ PO7 hopefully soon

    Cesar sauceda Apr 03, 2017
  • Hurry up and ship mine so I can try it out!! lol.

    Shawn Apr 02, 2017
  • I think this holster is amazing!! If it could hold a Sig P320 carry

    Angelo Mar 31, 2017
  • I like the design and concept. However I don’t have a Glock. When will other models be available?

    Bill Mar 31, 2017
  • I am very excited to try this holster but I don’t own a Glock. What is the ETA for some S&W Shields or the Bodyguard 380?

    Bruce Mar 31, 2017

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