Concealed Carry "IS" A Way Of Life

Just like getting married, having children, working out or eating healthy, Concealed Carry is a huge change in daily routing. This why many people don’t carry concealed on a consistent basis. People don’t like change especially when more work is involved. Here are few tips that I’ve learned in the past years as a person who conceals on a daily basis. Enjoy.

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  • I own a s&w shield, Glock 43, Glock 23, xds 45, and find my self carrying a sig p365 appendix because I can carry 11 in the gun and a spare 10 or 12 rounds in a mag holder. Same size as a Glock 43. I would like to order a torsion inside the pants holster and spare mag for the sig when you make them.

    Bernard Petersen

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