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Considerations On Active Killer


Considerations On Active Killer by Abner Miranda

Abner Miranda remembers when he first went to an Active Killer training course. His perceived set of actions were all changed after going through different hypothetical situations. Abner does not have all the answers when it come to this weighty subject matter but he does ask you to highly consider who you take a training course with.

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  • I ‘second’ the above opinion by C.S. A LOT of really good points Abner (and others) bring up. ALL of this absolutely depends on MINDSET as well as previous training, in other words: experience. LEO’s, etc generally are equipped, literally & metaphorically to handle Active shooter scenarios. They have the ‘backing’ of the local government agencies and their fellow officers, etc. What’s generally hard to make clear in these comments/discussions is the RUN-ONS, lack of punctuation of people’s comments and the editing of the piece as written. SO much gets lost in the mix. TOO many times WE have a tendency to ‘believe’ that we’ll do THIS or THAT, when the truth is we don’t KNOW what we’d do because it’s “an ACTIVE shooter and fluid.” Train to your best, control what YOU can, and IF you’re directly involved DON’T hesitate…

    M. Hatch Jun 02, 2017
  • Agree 100% with smartest guy in the room. Could not have said it better myself. Permit in pocket plus concealed handgun does not equal “armed”. Lots of unarmed folks out there carrying a concealed firearm. Sounds easy huh? Gonna run in there and put those bad guys down. You guys and gals that have spent a career honing those structure clearing tactics , accurate shooting on the move under stress, pounding out thousands of rounds on the hot, cold, wet, and dark ranges, have been under fire, and wake up each day playing if/ then survival scenarios through your mind as you holster that always present and ready companion to head on out to serve know exactly what I’m saying. Gonna take more than your everywhere average I got my CWP holder to get those bad guys put down. Use that concealed carry right/privilege and like smartest guy said, clear to your exit and call 911. Protect you and yours and maybe someone else’s that you pass on your way OUT but, Always be very careful friends cause there may be “armed” folks inside that I guarantee you have trained to put those bad guys down cause that Is simply what they do.

    Train harder.

    M. Howard Jun 01, 2017
  • Holy Lone Ranger Batman. There is almost NO training available to civilians that can prepare you for ‘Dealing with an Active Killer,’ especially when you consider the fact that almost ALL of the folks who purport to ‘train’ civilians to handle this have them shooting STATIC targets (defined as targets that are not moving and/or shooting back at you). Train that way and train to fail. And if you reholster and put your hands in the air after bad guy #1 is down, your gunfight IQ is sub 90, and you will likely die not if but when bad guy #2 shoots you in the back, and then takes your firearm from you. And there is NO PERFECT WAY to react after you shoot bad guy #1, except to say you should expect to get shot anytime you pull your gun and legally shoot someone (in defense of imminent death/grave bodily injury) in a crowded public place, legit shoot or not. You non LE guys need to stop training like you are Superman, or Wyatt-the-fuck Earp, calm down (breath), fight (if required) your way to an EXIT, and then get out and stay out of the hot zone. You are going to get yourself killed, hopelessly cheese up the tactics being used by real good guys going in (giving remaining bad guys a huge edge in the fight), and possibly get a-lot of other innocent folks killed.

    Smartest Guy In The Room Jun 01, 2017
  • They are a bunch of good points to what Miranda said. However those that live in the west/south west. Don’t need to travel to TDI. They can look at Gunsight and Saurez international, both around Presocott Arizona area for active killer training. There are at least one in Washington state.
    Bottom line before you put your money down do your research on each place your looking at. Remember when you strap a gun on you have made a choice to take a life in defense of your self or others. This is not Hollywood you can’t shoot the gun out of their hands.
    God bless and practice today like you’ll play tomorrow.

    Jason Nicolls Jun 01, 2017
  • There are a lot of good points in this article. If you’re going to carry, you should take more than just a training class on how to use your weapon, you should take one on how to use your head. There are several organizations out there that have well researched classes on “active shooters” that can get you thinking.

    If I may, and I’m by no means a real stickler for these kinds of things because I know people make mistakes, but this write up has enough typos to where it’s distracting and can take away from the very important message you wish to get across, which would be a shame.

    C.S. Bowdoin Jun 01, 2017

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