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Disguising Your EDC Gun

Disguising Your EDC Gun by Cody Osborn

We’ve all done it. Asked our loved one; “can you see my gun?”. When we start carrying our gun daily for the first time, we tend to be very cautious of how much our gun prints (shows outline of gun through the shirt). We don’t want to bend over to grab something off the floor or reach for the top shelf because we don’t want to expose that we are carrying a gun. Here’s a quick tip that may help ease your mind whenever you carry. 

Let’s start by asking this question. How does camouflage work? It is made to blend in with your environment by imitating the surroundings. When we look at popular patterns, such as; Multicam, Kryptek, Mossy Oak, Real Tree, and ATACS. You’ll notice, they all have different elements that give the camouflage a depth effect. This depth allows you to hide the outer lines of your body against the surrounding background and better hide you from your prey. 

Camo Swatch

Try applying this camouflage concept to your wardrobe. No, I am not saying to sport the above camo’s around daily, in public. I believe this draws attention to you, and gives the appearance that you probably are carrying a gun, regardless of it printing. 

What I am saying is, use busy, complex pattern shirts. Patterns such as dots, plaid and small stripes will give a depth effect and disguise the printing of the gun. You’ll notice, even wearing slim fit shirts will not expose the gun as much. Call it, an illusion.  No more buying shirts 2 sizes too big and looking like you’re a sorority girl. The depth effect will hide the outer lines of your gun causing it to be less visible when being pressed against the shirt. 


To back this theory, I have a story. Working in the firearms industry, I would always wear all the t-shirts that supported the brands that I used. Wearing a t-shirt and a firearms manufacturer hat, I tried to take my wife to see a movie. I bought tickets, walked in and noticed a police officer standing immediately inside. I went about my business, until he approached me. He asked if I was carrying a firearm. I responded with, yes, I am and I have a concealed handgun license. He pointed at the window of the theatre where there was a 30.06 sign stating that you could not conceal carry on the premise. I apologized and took the gun the car. The police officer thanked me for not making a scene and apologized for the inconvenience stating that he didn’t understand why you couldn’t carry in the theatre. 



Point of the story being, the police officer spotted me in a crowd of people because of what I was wearing. My gun did not get exposed, nor, did it print. But, because of what I was wearing, I basically advertised that I was carrying a gun.

This easy change in your wardrobe works with whatever your method of carry is. Whether you carry appendix with the DOS holster or 3 o’clock with the BCA holster. The depth that a busy pattern shirt gives, will hide that EDC gun easily and give you the peace of mind to carry daily. 


Cody Osborn

Competitive Shooter for Walther Arms


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  • I Love these articles , and its true, if you wear Firearm advertising on your clothes or Ammo t-shirts you advertise that you probably are carrying. Thank you for info.

    Joe Latham Apr 14, 2017
  • I love Bravo holsters! Now that I’ve told you that I must say that as a lefty I feel left out. I carry appendix most of the time. I also change my carry gun 4 or 5 times during the week depending on what I’m wearing. Please offer more product for us lefty’s. Dos please!!!!! CK

    Chris Keyes Apr 07, 2017
  • Loved the promo pic in the e-mail, gun tucked in front dead center. I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’m going to carry a loaded firearm pointed directly at my most sensitive dangly bits.

    I loathe appendix carry because it tends to jab when I sit down, but directly in the front? Pointing at…those bits? No, sir. No thanks. No way.

    David Knuth Apr 06, 2017

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