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Does America Own Too Many Guns?

The wording on this UN report seems to portray America in a negative light for owning so many guns. Is that the case, though? Is America the bad guy for having almost half of the world's firearms?

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Rene Aguirre

Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment. Rene has been carrying concealed on a daily basis for over 8 years and has been a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder for more than 20 years. Finding a high interest in firearms for many years, Rene started Bravo because of the “lack of” a good concealed carry holster on the market.

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  • does your holster’s fit the older mod sig 2009 hand gun?

    Keith Chrisman Jul 24, 2018
  • Any word on making a holster for sig p220r yet, just checking in.

    Robert Prouty Jul 24, 2018

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