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DOS Torsion featured in NRA Gun Gear of the Week


Zero distance training means zero distance testing. I'm Joe Kurtenbach and this is Lock, Stock, and Barrel.

Last week we talked about LMS Defense and their new Zero Distance pistol training course. This week I want to talk about some of the equipment I used in taking that course and how it performed.

First lets talk about the gun; I used a Glock 19 gen four. Now if you have watched Lock, Stock, and Barrel before you have probably seen this gun. It is, I mean you don't really need any introduction there's plenty of videos and commentary out there about the Glock 19. It's a proven defensive side arm. So during Zero Distance Pistol, no surprise the Glock ran great. Interesting to note that about a dozen students, all but two were using Glocks. I not going to theorize there i'm just going to use that to say the Glocks are a great defensive pistol platform. There are a lot of other great guns out there this is just one of them. Total round count for me was 345 rounds and there were no failures to feed or function or anything like that. So overall great performance out of the Glock. My Glock has a couple upgrades, it has the Ameriglo Cap sights now we've done a video on this product. I really like these sights it's a bright bold front it makes it very easy to get on target quickly. I have equipped the Glock with the Tau Development Striker Control Device also know as the Glock Gadget. It's basically an indicator and it can be used to more safety re-holster the gun but its going to be the topic of a video all of its own.

After the gun come the ammo, for Zero Distance Pistol I used American Eagle Syntac from Federal Premium. This is a TSJ bullet which means Total Synthetic Jacket it uses a polymer coating around the lead bullet. The main idea behind the Syntac is that it is a very clean ammunition to use. Because we have that polymer jacket you don't have copper or lead fouling in the barrel, it used clean burning propellants, it uses a lead free primer which is supposed to be very consistent and I had no issues with it at all. We weren't shooting steel targets during the Zero Pistol course but if you were the lack of a metallic jacket means that splash back when engaging steel targets is greatly reduced. Now you might wonder how much more expensive is the Syntac compared to regular American Eagle ammo and this by the is the 115 grain 9mm load. The Answer is it is only 1 cent per round more. So very competitive very comparable and I will say that the barrel of my Glock was a lot cleaner than i expected it to be after more than 300 rounds.

To hold the ammo i used both Glock factory magazines as well the MagPul PMag 15 GL9. This is the 15 round capacity 9mm glock magazine from Magpul and I basically used them interchangeably I had four of each, four Glock factory and 4 Magpul mags. All of them function perfectly the only thing I will say is when you load them full, when you load them with 15 rounds, the spring in the Magpul mags it is a lot stouter than in the Glock magazines. No problems functioned great but you really have to push hard to get those last few rounds in.

To hold the magazines i used the alien gear cloak mag carrier. As you would expect from alien gear it is kinda an innovative design. They can be configured for either two pouches, single pouches, inside the waistband carry, outside the waistband carry, and all that configuration is basically tool less. The only thing you need a tool for is to tighten down the magazine pouches themselves, to fit snuggly around the magazine and for that there is actually a allen wrench integrally packaged with the magazine pouches. Pretty cool and they work just fine.

As for holsters I actually used two during the Zero Distance Pistol course. I started off with the alien gear clock mod outside the waistband holster. I have it in the paddle configuration and it worked great especially for the kinda warm up and the benchmark shooting that we did at the beginning of class.

As we got further into class working from concealment doing more advanced drills I actually switched to the Bravo Concealment DOS Torsion holster. This is a new upgrade to their DOS, Drop Out of Sight line, and it contours the entire holster to fit more closely to the body. As it ships it comes with two retention clips, two belt clips, but talking to the guys over at Bravo Concealment they assure me that probably the best configuration is to use just the one at the trigger guard and they were right. This is a great concealment holster inside the waistband and it worked great as did the alien gear holster throughout the Zero Distance Pistol course.

That's pretty much it, all the gear performed as it was supposed to. I really have no complaints about my setup and it was interesting talking to the other students and instructors about what gear they were using. But most of the things you saw here we've already done videos on or there will be videos coming so stayed tuned to AmericanRifleman.Org

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  • too much plastic…look at the thick edges…..what ? can not fold around a pistol shape ?…want a faster holster ? fold the plastic from behind the pistol…push it around and to the front…seal two inches from the bottom toward the ejection port of the pistol….that is plenty of grip to hold the pistol in place…the cut down front means quicker movement from holster to shooting position…..
    no need for that bulky block of plastic…..try using a leather holster….slimmer, lighter…less bulk…no broken ribs when the holster is empty and you fall upon the holster

    ma Mar 15, 2017

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