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Dynamic Training With Instructor Zero


Dynamic Training With Instructor Zero



Very Hard. Very, very hard. I did this  something like six, seven times consecutive. So up and down. Up and down every time. One round stand up position. One round under. Lets call this Mambo Hell Drill because you pass down and up. But its very useful to train the transition between the stand up position and ground position. Very good drill for fitness, for aiming, for trigger. To set the finger with the upper and lower body during a dynamic action. Very very useful.

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  • Great drill. The ability to hit such a small target after transitioning is the perfect demonstration of focusing on the target and not just looking at it. Going to try this drill tomorrow. Thank you.

    Shawn W Mar 31, 2017
  • Should make this where you can share it on Twitter, Fakebook etc.

    Poileas Mar 31, 2017

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