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Fiber Optic Sights: How Tough Are They?

Hey guys Abner Miranda here. I am going to address something that is an issue that I've heard so many times. People think that fiber optic sights are fragile, I got news for you fiber optic sights are not fragile. Alright, watch.

Alright, the sight is now broken. It is snapped clean in half. You can still pickup the front sight post because it is still collecting light. It doesn't have to be a solid rod to collect light. It can still collect light as a fragment, either the front or rear, obviously the rear cause that is the only thing you will see at this point. But it is still picking up light.

Oh I missed on my last shot that's bad luck. Now as you can see ironically we've lost the rear portion but guess what's intact, the front. Come here I'll show you why.

The reason that the front is held in there and stayed in the fight, is that, part of the process of installing the fiber optic sight is you take a lighter. You take one end of the rod, it really does not matter which end, and you heat it ever so slightly and you make a little blob out of it like that. You pass that though the sight and you drag it in. Actually I'm gonna have to cut this off because it's already cooled off. You have to do this quickly while its still warm. You drag it from rear to front into the sight so that it sets inside of that little hole. And, let me go and get the rest of this out so you can understand how well anchored this is in there. I tried this a few months ago when I accidentally broke a fiber optic sight and I mean I was having to pick it out. Finally ended up having to take a blow torch and melt the rest of it out. But there is the remainder of it right there. 

Fiber optic sights are made up of multiple strands of fibers and so it isn't just one rod. It's not like one rod is gonna snap. If the rod snaps it just goes "snap" and it just bends a little bit and remember just because you loose your fiber optic insert doesn't mean you've lost your front sight. You can still pick up that front sight post.

Heat the rod just a schosh. There you go and you quickly pull it into the front sight as best as you can. You take a finger nail clipper and you snip off the end and from this end you melt it with the lighter and it will retract from this direction. This will trap the rod front to rear and it creates dynamic tension by pinching just like riveting. 

The other thing I wanted to tell you is if you want a refined sight picture with a fiber optic front sight you want to heat that rod and very quickly pull it into the track of the hole of the sight post and it created a very refined sight picture. If you are after a gross sight picture, where you just want to have a nice big fat dot effect right out in front of you. Which is what I prefer, because fighting is usually this distance right here, double arms length. Your basically at close with people, so there is really not a lot of aiming that is going on.

Law Enforcement has a different world they have to operate in, but those of us that are in EDC live our lives just kinda trolling along. Something ugly happens and you know gotta draw a pistol and its that close. So your not looking for anything for accuracy for long range which is why the larger dot really does a much better job at giving you a nice clean sight picture.

Anyways thats what I got for you guys today. You know really simple, I hope that this is  proof to you that Fiber Optic sights, first of all are not that easy to break. Because you saw that I had to stick a knife in it and really gouge up to get the thing to break.  Even when it broke in half it still held in place after 19 rounds.

As always I thank you all for watching, God Bless you all, and get those guns out and practice. Have a good one.

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