Firing People Is Easy?!

Some people say that firing someone is the worst feeling in the world. That may be true when you have to lay off people. But firing should come easy. Why??? Because you know the person already. You know that he isn't being productive, he's being difficult, or he's just a "bad seed" amongst other things. The reason most people get fired is on that person, it's not on you as an employer. Thanks for watching. Enjoy.


Hi, guys. I had a conversation with a friend of mine, it was a while back but it just came to me and I thought I'd share this with you because I kind of shared with him something that he kind of found interesting as far as the way I think when it comes to firing someone. He had just fired somebody and he was feeling bad about it. I think he wanted my sympathy and so I asked him, "Why did you fire him?" and this guy was just the bad employee, I mean, he was showing up late, he wasn't showing up sometimes, he wouldn't even call, just stuff like that. You know, I told him, to me, that decision is simple. "Firing somebody is easy," I told him. I said it's easy because you know that person and you know why you're firing them. There's no surprises there. It's pretty much, "You didn't perform, we have certain guidelines, you didn't follow 'em, we're gonna have to let you go." And I'm talking about firing 'em, I'm not talking about having to let someone go because the funds are short or anything like you're having to lay people off, no, no, that's not...I'm talking about getting rid of somebody that's not being productive. Getting rid of somebody, a person because they're being divisive or they're being disruptive. That's what I'm talking about.
And so to me, those decisions are simple, guys and I don't get emotional about those decisions so I don't let my emotions get to the better part of me when I'm making those decisions because, at the end of the day, it's all about what's best for Bravo, my company, or anybody else's company, in this case, his company. Now, when I say Bravo, I don't mean me, I'm talking about the people around, the people that do come in here, that pull their way, that go out there, get it done, that get here on time, are the first ones to get here and the last ones to leave. Those are the people that I'm talking about because the bad seed will fester and it can eventually get to those people. I'm telling you, guys, you need to take care of the people that take care of you. And sometimes, you have to go in there and pluck certain people out of that area so that that mentality doesn't fester into the other people out there. Trust me, guys, I know what I'm telling you.
You got a bad seed in office, you better think twice about that and if you care about the people that are going out there every day for you and getting things done, then take care of those people and sometimes you have to let people go. Those decisions are based on the people that are around you that you wanna take care of and taking care of the company in general. Whether it's your company or you're just the manager, those decisions, for me, they're simple. And then I told him...and he looked at me like, "What?" And then I said, "You know what's hard? The hardest thing for me to do is to hire people because that's the unknown. You sit down, you interview them once, maybe you'll bring 'em back for a second interview," right? And you give...you know, there're certain things that you get from them but you don't know what you get until maybe two weeks down the road, sometimes even two months.
We've hired people where it's like, where did that come from, right? The hiring is probably the more difficult thing to do, not probably, is the more difficulty thing to do for me and probably for a lot of people out there that own their business or that are managing certain areas because you're dealing with the unknown. The firing, you know why you're getting rid of them. It should come easy to you. If you're doing it to protect the people around you, if you're doing it to protect your position, if you're doing...if somebody comes in and they're divisive, if they don't respect management. Again, if they're always late, if they don't call in when they're late, when they're running late or they just don't show up, guys, that's simple.
And to sit there and say...one of the problems that my friend was having was, "Yeah, but he had a family and..." I get that but that's on him. That's not on you. That is totally on him, guys. Let me tell you out there, you guys working out there, working for somebody, the fact that you're late is on you. It's not on nobody else but you. I don't wanna hear excuses. The fact that you don't show up is on you. Now, I get it, we all get sick, I get that. I understand that, but play your cards right, man. It's on you. It's on nobody else. If you guys have been following Bravo Concealment, if you guys have been following me on the "Bravo Audio Show," you will understand that I have no sympathy for people that don't understand that it's on them. It's all on you, man. Nobody cares. No one cares about your gunner, no one cares about your excuses, no one cares about how you feel. To a certain extent when it comes to you hurting other people, it doesn't matter. If you hired to do something, you need to go out there and you need to get it done.
So I told my friend this and he found it interesting and now he understands, right? In the beginning he was like, "I don't know, man. That sounds kinda cold." It's all about protecting your investment and your investment could be your business, your investment as a manager could be the people that you manage. You have to protect those people and sometimes to protect them, you have to let certain people go. So, guys, thought I'd share that with you. Again, my friend thought it was interesting. And to me, I've always thought that way but I understand how some people don't see it that way. Because letting go of someone, firing somebody because of lack of performance and just their disruptiveness, is not always easy and I get it how some people may think that way. But to me, it's just...there's no gray area there. You know, if everything is done right, if everything is on paper and you've spoken to this person many times, then the next step is just to let them go. Get rid of 'em. So, again, guys, thought I'd share it with you guys, that was interesting.


Rene Aguirre

Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment. Rene has been carrying concealed on a daily basis for over 8 years and has been a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder for more than 20 years. Finding a high interest in firearms for many years, Rene started Bravo because of the “lack of” a good concealed carry holster on the market..

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