Focused Loading Drills


When I'm doing work, I'm doing work. When I'm doing loading drills, I'm doing loading drills. Getting the two mixed up can be a problem. Because I attend so much training I notice patterns of behavior that really stand out. One such pattern that has been proven time and again is that when we spoon feed rounds to ourselves and our students we end up creating training scars that can become a major issue at the most miss-opportune moments. Body cam footage has now shown us that when we down-load our mags during training we create a subconscious "round counting" effect where we fire a prescribed amount of rounds then drop a mag and perform a reload. This has bitten people in self defense situations and can be a major problem at the wrong moment. If you're doing loading drills do that. However, when you're training, focus on that and not on your round count. By focusing on making the threat go away you'll be less likely to be counting rounds. Remember, load when you want to, not when you have to.

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