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Get In Already - Daily Vehicle Training


 Get In Already by Abner Miranda

Hey guys Abner Miranda here, today I'm doing a video I'm calling “Get In Already.” This is in response to a lot of the vehicle training that I've been doing in recent years. That opened my eyes to trying to find a way to distill the motions that I was doing to get into the vehicle in a very consistent manner so that I was no longer having to think about the procedure and you know you wouldn't think to yourself getting into your vehicle should have a procedure but it really should.What do you see here, this is a gigantic fatal funnel all right the bad guy wants to attack me and I'm busy staring at my phone and piddling around with it he walk up over here and he sticks a gun right there in my ribcage and if I actively fight him I'm pretty much ensuring that I'm going to catch three or four shots this way and for those that don't know catching shots this way across your body one hundred percent ensures that you're going to get lung pericardial lung. I've got a leg hanging out, my rear end is half sitting on the seat, and I'm staring at my phone fiddling around right instead of getting into my vehicle closing the door and getting underway. The procedure I came up with looks like this. Alright so basically what you saw me do is this. I walked up to the vehicle and I popped the lock one time not twice because I only want this door being unlocked. I got into the vehicle and the keys were already in my right hand because I'm a lefty so my shooting hand needs to be open anyways. I got into the vehicle and I closed the door and I pop the locks with the key fob the key goes into the ignition and I throw the ignition, most vehicles today are either push button or throw the key and starts. I reach over my left shoulder and I'm looking out that back window for anyone approaching because where are they going to approach from, my blind side which is going to be over here. This is their access point they want in this side. Seatbelt goes in place, I'm looking over my right people this is a place where it needs to be gear shift goes into drive and off I go. So I'm getting ready to start a long drive once I get into that drive I will reach down and I will pop the holster and I will remove it and I'll put in in my center console. If you're doing a lot of jumping around town running errands and stuff they you may want to consider keeping this on. That's your judgement call not mine. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that you should or shouldn't that's your judgement call. I've choose to wear my gun, I carry a Glock 19 now which helps because there's less muzzle poking in and somebody made a great point and all you do is you crank your pants really high you look like a goofball I get it but you've created the clearance between the bottom of the pistol and the seat belt in order to be able to have a little bit of maneuverability when you're out running errands. The reason you really do want to have your gun in your vehicle is if you're sitting at a red light and someone approaches you here and first of all me just clarify right now. Do I condone going to guns from a seated position and the vehicle that is running? No, because guess what, this is your weapon okay you've got a fair amount of weight and power under your control in a vehicle. Before you can do anything with your vehicle you have to make sure you can move your vehicle. You have to make sure you have what's know as a reactionary gap between you and the vehicle in front of you and the easiest way to gauge the reactionary gap is if you can see the tires of the vehicle in front of you touching the ground you have enough clearance to get your hood past their rear end and contrary to what you may believe you can climb curb in a compact car if you have to don't have to have a pickup truck to climb a curb. So yeah you can make space between you and the bad guy the reason I say it is a good idea to have your pistol with is isn't because I'm going to tell you, Yeah! You need to go to guns! No it's because in case you have to bail out of the vehicle if he does start shooting wouldn't it be nice to have your guns with your. I'm not telling you that it is one hundred percent perfect I'm not telling you that it is tactically sound in that you need to do this. What I'm saying to you is these are some things you may want to consider for yourself. If you guys have another way that you do this let me know in the comments we'll have a discussion. That's what I've got for you guys today as always, God bless you all I thank you for watching as always get those guns out and practice.

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  • Bravo-Zulu! Great video lots of great info.
    What is you opinion on having a way to have a holstered weapon in the vehicle that allows the carry side arm to be holstered on a semi permanent matter with the use of a something like a G code rti mount attached to the center console or driver’s door. I have been using one of my old galco combat master for my glock 22 but ever since I purchased and started using my new Bravo Concealment RTT hplster for my Glock 22 with TLR1 im not able to use the galco in the car. I also got a Bravo rig for my Sig P226 357sig w/TLR1 HL 800 because of the great review you gave about the Bravo holsters. Great holsters!

    Angel Feliciano May 06, 2017
  • I find it funny ( and a bad example) how you wave your assumed loaded firearm around the inside cab of your truck pointed muzzle first at yourself. I believe that you have a better chance of shooting yourself that someone else harming you. Oh by the way… The majority of the people are right-handed. So what do you do with those keys? you say that you free up your dominant hand. How is anyone expected to start their car with their left hand??
    You talk like some kind of expert. I really feel that you’re just showing us not how to do it

    Gary Sparks May 05, 2017
  • Being a fellow lefty, when is bravoconcealment going to restart making lefty holsters and mag carriers.
    Back on subject: good video, wish my family would follow your advice

    Jim bergman May 05, 2017
  • I find that when I carry in my car the most comfortable cary system for me is my shoulder holster. However when I carry my pistol at the 4 o’clock position in the car I do tend to take the gun out and put it in between the passenger side seat and the arm rest.

    Robert Colvard May 05, 2017

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