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How Your Holster Is Made


How your Bravo Concealment holster is made.

So we'll take a raw piece of aluminum 6061 T6 aluminum and turn it into this.
That's quality guys so this is why it takes time guys to bring in new options
but once we get them in guarantee you're going to have the best holster that's
available out there and so these molds are super accurate you're talking about
three thousandth of an inch. That's the thickness of a human hair and so the
whole process takes time that mold that I just showed you that's not even the
actual mold it's just the test mold. So we're not even going to actually use
that to make your gun holster but we need something to test it so our molds
are done in-house they're designed in-house and they're cut with a CNC
machine. This is the reason why we can stand behind our holsters and say you
know we'll give you the free shipping we'll give you the 30-day money-back
guarantee we'll give you the unlimited lifetime warranty. We're making holsters
like this so we can ensure accuracy, we can ensure consistency, we can ensure
durability, and pass on the savings to you our customer. So be patient with us
guys the options are coming you're going to see that we will start snowballing
you're going to see more and more you just can't rush quality you can

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  • Have seen your holsters and really like the quality appearance. I have a vintage (no rails) Sig P226 with a Fab Defense rail adaptor which I’m planning to fit with a Streamlight TLR 1 HL light. Do you sell or will you in the future have a holster that will fit my Sig. Thanks for your response.

    Don Bail Dec 15, 2018
  • I have two of your holsters for my 19 , the BCA , DOS TORSION , and soon the DOS with my TLR1-HL . Amazing holsters .

    Dan Montano Jun 20, 2017
  • OWB light bearing for SIG P320C with Surefire XC-1 and Inforce APL-C. Ageee can’t rush quality! Watching for these two options to come online. Thanks for your work and products!

    Randy Jun 15, 2017
  • Miami Florida
    Hoping and waiting for the Sig sauer P320 9mm compact with extra retention hold

    Daniel Lafontaine Jun 12, 2017
  • Ramp up production accross your line for SIG P320 Compact (9 and 40).

    Randy May 15, 2017

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