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Instructor Zero Presents...1-2 Engage!


2.34 complete… so let’s see, two in the chest. Two in the chest. One on the plate. So again, you can move your priority between the shorter or the farthest one. But here were working with the closer one. So, one round, then we pass to the next subject. Two rounds on the chest. Back on the first. One round. Then come back and hit a small target. The plate.

This is very useful drill. The next step is to do the same action. So, 1, 2, 1. Reload. Engage the plate. So, we train. Reload. So basically, remember you need to work little bit out of the box. And you work like, for example the boxer, so we don’t go to the change out of reload, the dry reload, emergency reload. We can also work between one target and the other target with reload. This doesn’t mean that in real contest we are going to do this action. But it is useful for us to train our muscle memory. To train all the mechanical movements, all the biomechanics of our body during the different action. We can decide when. So, don’t worry; don’t think about if I do something in training, it’s the same. That I’m going to apply in a real contest, that’s true. But we are smart enough to decide when. So, don’t worry about use. And work as smart as you can. So, reload. Sometimes we do a section of training just 1 round, reload. 1 round, reload. 1 round. Just to train the reload. So that’s it.

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  • Zero doing what Zero does best…..

    J Mar 01, 2017

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