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Interruptions: Why I Carry Concealed

Incidents in life put things in perspective. It opens our eyes to what we can do to better ourselves. It's the "survival" instinct that we all have. In this podcast I talk about interruptions in life and how they can help us in the long run. Let's face it, no one likes interruptions but they are a necessity in making us stronger and better. Enjoy!

Interruptions in life are what mold us and shape us to who we are and I say that through experience, guys. These interruptions allow us to look at things and give us perspective in life and it allowed me to start thinking clearly that, "You know what? I need to start concealed carrying." Those things allow us to see life in a different perspective now. It kind of rewires your brain. Thank you for joining The Bravo Audio Show. My name is Rene Aguirre. I am the owner of Bravo Concealment. I think it's time that I just stop saying that. I don't know if I can, guys. You know, we're almost at our 50th podcast. I used to do this in a rush [inaudible 00:00:33] because I would be out delivering mail and he would introduce himself and he was on the air back then for about 25 years or so. So, look, man, it is what it is. Thank you, guys, for your time, for being here, truly means the world to me. You guys know that. You guys are killing it. Thank you so much. Go out there. Download this podcast. Go out there and share it with your friends. It would mean the world to me, guys. Thank you so much.
Today, I wanna talk about interruptions. You think interruptions and you think right away it's bad. You know, and our first impression is, "Yeah, it's bad, right?" because you may be watching something and you're interrupted. You may be doing something and your kids interrupt you, you know. Again, you're watching something and your wife interrupts you. Interruptions in life are what mold us and shape us to who we are and I say that through experience, guys, though one of the reasons that I started concealed carrying. One of the main reasons was back in... I got my concealed carry license in late 1990 something, I don't know, whenever Texas, you know, allowed people to conceal carry. And I never really concealed carried. I would carry it in my truck but I never really practiced the whole conceal carrying thing. 
And so, one day, my wife now, my girlfriend who's my wife now, I want to go pick her up at her house. We were gonna go out and have some dinner and it was dark already. It was around 7, 8 o'clock or so. You know, we're driving out of her...the street where she lives and down the road...She lives in an okay neighborhood. Down the road, about a mile south, you know, there was this bad neighborhood. Nobody liked going down there. And, you know, I'm there and I'm trying to get on the street that takes you to that bad neighborhood but I'm going north. I'm going the opposite way and I see a guy walking and he walks up to the truck. I always give people the benefit of the doubt. It could be a downfall of mine one day, I don't know, but, you know, to this day, it's worked great. So, I give this guy the benefit of the doubt. You know, he didn't look like a friendly person but, you know, I'm thinking, you know, maybe I can help this guy some way or somehow. 
He was walking towards that direction, towards the bad side of town direction. I rolled down my window about halfway and the guy asked me for a ride and I said, "I'm sorry, man. I can't give you a ride. I'm going the opposite way, you know. I'm in a hurry." Kind of made it up because by then I start getting a sense of, you know, this guy can be trouble. You know, I rolled it down halfway. He got a little bit confident because I rolled down my window and he kind of approached the truck a little bit more. And now he started demanding for a ride. He goes, "I need a ride. I need you to take me. I need to get there fast." He didn't look like the type of guy that was running or anything. He was walking nonchalantly. As soon as he saw my truck, he kind of like, you know, approached me. You know, I'm thinking, "I'm sorry, man. I can't." And then from there, it turned into, "I need some money." And so I'm like, "All right, man. What's up with this guy?" So, he asks me for money and he got aggressive with me and he started to walk towards the truck a little bit closer. He goes about 6 feet away. By now, he's about 2 feet away from my window. He had something in his hand like a bag. I think he was coming from the store or something. I saw him kind of reach into his pocket. 
At that time, I had my gun with me. It was, you know, between my...the driver's seat and the center console. I reached over for my gun. Now, what was I gonna do? I wasn't gonna take it out and shoot him. And I couldn't go because there was traffic, right? So, I had to wait. And all these happened super-fast because I was at a stop sign. And so I just couldn't take off because there was traffic and I felt kinda trapped there so I reached for my gun, maybe just to brand. And, guys, again, this isn't a course on how to deal with a potential carjacker. This is just me reacting. I didn't have any prior training. I have trained since on certain situations. And so, I kind of reached for it not knowing what I was gonna do but I knew that I had a gun. I knew that if I needed it, I was gonna be able to pull it out and protect myself, and protect my girlfriend, now my wife. And so, reaching for it just to make sure that it was there and knowing that if need it, I can take it out and I can protect myself.
At that time, when I did that, I heard my girlfriend saying, "Oh my God." And I think the guy heard that. And so, right there and then, the guy knew he was in trouble and the guy just took off. I mean, the guy just took off. He never even saw my gun but he saw me motioning to it. He knew I was motioning to a gun. He probably saw my wife's face when she said, "Oh my God." You know, the guy took off. I was driving a nice truck back then. Maybe a three-year-old truck and I'm thinking, "This guy may be a carjacker," by that time. And so, I could have played it out a lot cleaner, a lot better. Now, I'm more aware of things around me but that incident was an interruption in my everyday life from then on. That incident made me think, "I should start carrying." And not only in the truck, but whenever I'm walking around because this guy, I could have bumped into him as I was walking somewhere or someone like that, not necessarily that guy, but someone like that. Interruption in life can put a little scare in me and now, from then on, I started thinking seriously more and more about concealed carrying. It didn't happen overnight but I started seriously thinking about concealed carrying. 
And so, these interruptions allow us to look at things and give us perspective in life. And it allowed me to start thinking clearly that, "You know what? I need to start concealed carrying because this happened yesterday or this happened at that time, it can happen tomorrow again. And it can be a different situation. Now, I'm married. Now, I have children. So, what are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? You're gonna allow a carjacker to take your car while your children are in the back seat? You think those guys care?" How many of you guys have seen these videos and I'm always thinking this, you know, these videos online where, you know, there's a guy going... There's a police chase, right? And they're chasing this guy in a car. He wrecks the car. He gets off and he just starts carjacking somebody in the middle of the street. Guys, that's like my worst nightmare. Anybody who tries to do something like that, you know, I don't know what's gonna happen but I'm sure that's not gonna turn out good for that guy.
Those are interruptions in life. Those things allow us to see life in a different perspective now. It kinda rewires your brain. A lot of us don't like interruptions. A lot of us don't like certain changes because some of those changes are gonna call for you rewiring your life, rewiring your brain, the way you think. That's just the way it is. The other thing...why did I start Bravo? Another interruption. This one took a little bit longer because I was just waiting and I was just looking for an opportunity. I didn't like waking up in the mornings. You guys have heard me say this, "You got to love your Mondays, man." I didn't love my Mondays, I didn't love my Tuesdays, I didn't love my Wednesdays, I didn't even like my Fridays. My weekends, they were short lived because Sunday, around noon, I was already thinking, "Man, I got to go to work tomorrow." To me, I felt like that wasn't the way to live. I couldn't go on that way. And so, that was an interruption in my life and I started Bravo Concealment. Without that interruption, without going through..and I've said it before, I've done a podcast. Without eating dirt, you're not gonna realize, put things in perspective and understand that you can do something better. 
A lot of people complain about being in a crappy job. There's two things you can do with that. One, you're in a crappy job, there is nothing you can do about it. Two, you do something about it. Now, the job that I had before Bravo was a good paying job. I wouldn't consider it a crappy job. A lot of people would love to work at a place like that. It just wasn't for me, guys. You know, I was a square peg in a round hole. That's the way I felt. But it was an interruption in my life. My family, we weren't rich. We weren't even middle-class. We were like lower middle-class. And so, I saw the struggles that my mom and dad went through. Mom and dad, awesome parents, awesome parents. They just weren't financially there. And so, I saw these things growing up thinking, "Man, do I really want to live like that?" You know, just paycheck to paycheck, counting money and making sure that we have enough for the light bill and the water bill. These things were interruptions in my life.
Now, just because you have an interruption in your life doesn't mean that you're gonna change the next day. These things take time. It's a course in life. A lot of times, they're so dramatic that you do change the next day. You know, the other thing, I wasn't always a man of faith. I went through a time a time in my life and that did kind of happen like right away. I went through a time in my life where I was unhappy. I was almost feeling depressed and I knew that I needed something greater than anything around me, greater than my friends, greater...I love my friends and everything, but greater than the people around me, greater than anything that I could buy to make myself feel better. It was greater than that. That was an interruption in my life. That was a crazy, you know, six months in my life that I went through.
And so, interruptions, guys, again, nobody likes them. I don't like them. It's being in the valley of life, right? When you're in the valley, it's hard, it's tough. But the only way you're gonna get to the summit is if you start somewhere below that. And so, I felt like I wanted to share this with you, guys. Interruptions make us who we are, guys. And although at the time they're not pleasant, they really do make us who we are. You know, a lot of people, through interruptions, they don't dig themselves out of that hole. And then they go into a depression. They fall spiral down into a depression. So, be careful with those things, guys. You know, be strong, be strong-willed and know that there is always a way out. There is always a way out, guys. Be patient. Have some perspective in your life. You'll be able to get out of it.
Guys, thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much. Again, it means the world to me. I'm pounding my chest. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. Make sure that you share this podcast with your friends. Make sure that you download it. Five star it, guys, if you can. It would mean the world to me. You can one star it, I get that. Make sure you follow us on Facebook and on Instagram. We're under Bravo Concealment, Snapchat and Twitter, we're under Bravo Holsters. Go check out our website, We're always having great deals, guys. We've got bundled deals. Guys, we've got bundled deals where you can buy two holsters. I think they start at $79. The second holster you get it for 40% off. $79 for two holsters, guys. There's companies that will sell you a holster for more than that, just one holster. We've got free shipping, 30-day money back guarantee, and a middle lifetime warranty. Guys, no one's doing what we're doing for you guys. Go check it out, 
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Rene Aguirre

Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment.

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  • Spot on. Thanks for sharing

    Jarrod Spivey Mar 28, 2018
  • Thank you for starting bravo! I did a lot of research and your holsters always got great reviews so I ordered one. I had a little problem I do believe I ordered the wrong one, I called customer support and let me tell you bravos customer support is second to none! The girls I spoke to were super super cooperative and immediately put my mind at ease and addressed the issue! They emailed me a return free shipping label and are going to get out the proper one in 4-5 days upon return of my holster. I can assure you that in the future when I go to order a holster whether it’s inside the waistband or outside the waistband it’s going to be a bravo! Thank you guys for your great business model
    Jim Mar 27, 2018

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