Kydex Holster Sales Are "Really Bad"! Conclusive - Haters pt. 2


Early November Vlog on Bad Kydex Holster Sales and being conclusive in your thoughts. Oh, and of course, more Trolls.


  • Have the Bravo OWB holster and mag pouch for Walther PPSM2 with the pancake belt adapters and all I can say is excellent product, shipping and value.
    Please continue to add gun models as I have others that need a Bravo holster. ;)
    Keep up the great work and thanks! I have an will recommend Bravo Concealment!
    TC – Michigan

  • I have a BCA owb and the Torsion iwb along with one of the magazine holders all for my Glock 19. I have other holsters but since I ve been using the Bravo Concealment holsters the other ones stay in the drawer! These are my go to holsters now. the quality is second to none! Retention on both holsters are spot on. I would like another one for my Kahr CW9 but I don’t think they make one for the Kahr yet, Bummer! Their customer service is excellent as well combined with a USA made product you just cant go wrong. Keep up the great work. I will be ordering again soon!

    Brian Evans
  • I have 4 types of different holsters that are for my different handguns. Plus i have my bravo holster owb. Out of all my holster this is the best one i use all the time. I love it and its so comfortable to a point that it is concealable and not showing . plus i can make a few mins adjustment and what do you know its an iwb holster.keep up the good work…!!! (Los Perez)

    Ociel Perez
  • Team Bravo C.

    As you know the front window is bigger than the rear window for a reason. Looking forward is the focus and not losing focus as you will surely be surprised by the unexpected if you don not. By staying purpose driven will best serve you. Have only 2 of your quality made Kydex holsters for my G19 and G21, your customer service has always been uncompromising and comparable to no one. Keep doing what you do.

    Hurst, Texas


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