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Match Performance Series Rockstar Drill

Match Performance Series By Mitch Barlow


Whats going guys, Mitch with Bravo Concealment. We're out here today with a drill for ya this is our Match Performance Series. This is the RockStar Drill, six with the rifle, reload it, six more with the rifle, transition, get the pistol out for the final six rounds, and the par time we're looking for is ten seconds. 

Alright let's take a look. Our time was 9.49. So we made the par time with about half a second to spare and looks like we put one rifle round just outside of the A zone. Still a pretty good group, still going to work on a target wether its competition or a bad guy you're trying to take down. This is what your looking for in ten seconds.

Alright we made the par time we shot a 8.69. But we shot our pistol a little low. We had three charlies. Give it a try guys you're looking for a ten second run clean and this is what we did right now.

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  • Nice! Def gonna give it a run on my next range session.

    Alex Jun 30, 2017
  • looks like fun

    Douglas Griffith Jun 30, 2017

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