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P365 Torsion 3.0 Gun Holster

 The Sig Sauer P365 gun holster is a subcompact model that packs a good punch! The one thing that makes it stand out from other competitors like the Glock 43 and S&W M&P Shield is the round count. 

This little guy can carry 10 + 1 rounds! That is pretty amazing with the factory semi-flush magazine. 

Other great features include front slide serration,  Xray3 Day Night Sights and a rail under the barrel for an attachment to accept WML.

The Sig Sauer P365 gun is a great adaptation to anyone's arsenal especially in the summer time where concealment may be a bit harder to accomplish. 

The ergonomics of this gun and conceivability, especially in a Bravo Concealment holster is second to none. Check out this video as we run it in our 3.0 Torsion Gun Holster. 


  • Torsion 3.0 for Sig P365xl… when?

  • P365 OWB !!! Please

    Benito Garza
  • I have a torsion but especially as we move out of summer a BCA OWB would be a great addition. Please add it so I don’t have to look for other options. I love Bravo!

    Jeremy B
  • Left handed 3.0 Torsion for P365?


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