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Relaxed Vigilance


Relaxed Vigilance by Abner Miranda

Hello guys Abner Miranda Here. Today I wanted to do a video for you that is kinda a combination of three different things and I am gonna try to tie together to help you guys sort of look at things from a different standpoint.

When you carry concealed, there is a lot of focus on "um well my firearm prints." Guys printing is not that big a deal. Unless people are like walking around eyeballing everybody. You know trying to figure our who is carrying a gun. Guys society doesn't do that.

The reason I like appendix carry is because it simplifies my attire, number one. Number two it is blazing fast to get on target. If you get into it with someone and they're very close and they start wailing on you, you can get in close on them and get your gun up into the fight from here as opposed to potentially trying to get it from here and the guy hooks your elbow and the gun is off.

The other thing is it simplifies what you wear for a concealment garment. Concealment clothing has historically always been the button down shirt that has the false button and it has the snap and its got the rigid liner so when you throw it the clothing stays like this and stays out of your way long enough for you to get your pistol out.

Well when you start carrying appendix carry it allows you to wear regular polo shirts that allow you to really truly hide in plain sight but yet you can still be walking around in a very casual manner and you can sweep your shirt up and get your pistol out very fast this way.

The other thing I wanted to show you guys is and I've already shown you this before. Blue jeans will hold 21 rounders from Magpul. But theres one little addition that I've done, I've taken a speedy stitcher and I've sewn right up the middle of the blue jeans of the back pocket and it creates a mag holder for the PMAG 21's for the GL9 PMAG 21's.

So thats number one, number two is footwear. I've transitioned 100 percent to Merrel's and when I say 100 percent I mean in my casual wear and also in my church wear. The image you see on the screen here looks identical doesn't it. The waffle of these two shoes is identical but what your looking at is the one that has more of a burgundy look to it is actually my church shoe. It is an identical match to the Merrel Ventilator on the sole and really on the internal construction it feels identical when I wear my church shoe but in reality it has a leather upper that is very dressy and allows me to dress in a more upscale manner for church but my footwear is identical. Which means if I have to move in a hurry my feet are accustomed to the same exact footwear that I wear on a day to day basis. And now the third thing, come on.

 Alright when traveling with your rifle the easy thing to do of course is to just drop your bag in the back seat underneath the back seat of your pickup truck and drop your seat over it. But that prohibits your ability especially in a vehicle like this were the seat is actually safety locked once its in a latched down position. Which I think every modern truck is this way. It's very difficult to get the seat up not to mention if your weapon is in it's bag you can't really get to it anyways. So another option for this; take your peashooter out of its bag and place it like so and you fold the seat up against it and now the weapon is locked in here in such a manner that it's not gonna casually fall out. You can even take your chest rig if you wanted to and also lock the chest rig up in here. This is not gonna casually fall down on your and should you need it from a driving position. So as you can see from a drivers position you can get to it relatively quickly would I call it blazing fast, no not really, but this is better than nothing. 

The beauty of where we are as a industry right now is it is such a buyers market. Everybody out there wants and needs your business and the buying public is now in a position where we are better poised as an industry as a whole to make lasting changes to our laws but the buying public needs to get out there start getting active, get involved. If you've been interested in buying a handgun or a rifle do it now. With that of course comes holsters, you know Bravo Concealment has a lot of great holsters to choose from and a lot of magazine carriers to choose from.

There are so many different things that are now available that those of us on the inside have been watching for some time as the price points have been dropping on things. Guys if you ever thought about getting into something now is the time to do it because we are in the position now where we have a president who is busy taking care of the business of the country and is staying out of our way as American citizens. This industry is our industry, this industry is not run by politicians, this industry is run by you and me. We're the ones that call the shots, get out there guys. Get into shooting enjoy the passion and you know being a United States citizen comes with owning firearms, it was almost a mandate from our founding fathers.

I mean its the second amendment for a reason, the only reason the first amendment is the first amendment is because freedom of speech and freedom of religion were so very important to our founding fathers but guess what came right underneath it; The freedom to own firearms. Guys it was that important to our founding fathers exercise your freedoms guys. As always I thank you guys for watching. God Bless you all get those guns out and practice; have a good one.

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