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Train Like You Carry


Train Like You Carry by Abner Miranda 


Okay guys Abner Miranda here today. I wanted to do a video for you that I'm calling train like you carry what you see me wearing here including my Merrill ventilators is what I wear on the street all the time. On the way here this morning I have to stop and run a couple of errands if you haven't noticed this is not my range I've moved many thanks to the guys that Donna efense for allowing me to use their facility here it's very nice range.

I had to run a couple errands before I got here I'm wearing blue jeans I'm wearing a shirt from Kohl's a really nice polo shirt from Kohl's just a plain Jane ball cap from Walmart but what I have on me is a Glock 19. I have two 21 rounders the gl9 mags from Magpul I've got a pocket knife cell phone my tactical chap stick and a Magpul daka wallet. I'm going to be doing a review on this this is a very nice wallet that is all I carry anymore period, there's there's oh I'm sorry and a pro tech 1l from Streamlight in a jones tactical belt and I use the belt that's essentially a light holder in the front. As you guys know I love Bravo concealment holsters but with the recent change in their structure and how they're producing things they're no longer making left handed holsters and as such I can't indulge myself in the things that you guys can't get ahold of so until they are able to produce a left-handed torsion drop out of sight holster for right now I'm just running my trigger guard holster that I made myself out of just some scavenged kydex. It works very well and ironically it actually feels like a torsion because the Bravo concealment torsion is truly the most comfortable holster that I've ever tried and comfort and holster just two words that don't go together.

One of the facets of training, of training like you lived setting yourself up for success is making sure that whenever possible you have an identical set of everything. I carry two 21 rounders from Magpul and a 15 rounders standard Glock OEM mag for my 19 all loaded up with hollow-point. My 19 is customized, I do all the frame work myself undercut the trigger-guard around the front I stipple the back plate now this is a standard block internally with the exception of the ghost cat when it is the cat four-point-five traitor and of course the the Spalding sight so you guys see me using for a while from Dave Spalding. Aside from really those two mods that's all I've done internally to this Glock to make it a good carry pistol and I found that at cat 4.5 and that was well you know that will really really spoil you with the mags that I carry.

When I get out here on the range I stripped these off I put them on the edge of the table and I have identical mags 21 rounders from Magpul a 15 rounder from Glock with a victor spectacle floor plate a fair amount of mud because it's always hitting the ground and that's it I set myself up to fight identically here on the range as I would be out on the street. If this afternoon when I leave here to go run errands I should find myself getting involved in something where I have to draw my weapon to defend myself or someone else because I've made it a point to train and the very things that you see me wearing now that I will be wearing on the streets. My feet my hands my eyes my mind everything will be focused on just the task at hand if you make it a point to dress for the fight and train and the same exact stuff you were on the streets you'll be ready to go when the fight comes looking for you. As always I thank you guys for watching God bless you all, get those guns out and practice

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