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Train Smart: Dress For Success


A good rule of thumb when planning your attire for training classes is: If you wouldn’t wear it out to dinner with your friends and family, you probably shouldn't wear it to class. Wearing things to class that you don't wear on the streets is just waisted training reps. Train smart, plan ahead. One of the choices I made a while back was to make sure that I wear my daily carry, and clothing items when I go to training. This means that I never assume that I have all of my stuff squared away. What I mean by that is that I have attended a great deal of training over the years and am still finding a lot of hiccups in what I thought was a bulletproof set up. That may be clothing choices, or weapons choices. In my most recent class I tried out a total of four different holster combos. I kept finding issues with this or that and it kept sending me back to my bag to swap out to something else. I'm glad that I had three pistols and five holsters with me, otherwise I would've really been mad at myself for not planning ahead. When you train with an instructor it's different than just going to the range and blowing off a few boxes of ammo. Training professionally means that you have to do a lot of planning ahead. You have to spend money and lots of it to do this right. When you do this you find yourself having to park your ego in the corner and listen. Mind you, I have actually been to classes with guys who thought they were there to argue with the instructor. It didn't go well for them, and frankly they looked like idiots while doing it. However, the majority of level headed people who are firing on all thrusters will humble themselves and listen. In the listening you will learn what is fact and what is fiction. In the very act of just being at training you will start to find what actually works for you and what is a sticking issue. Simply put, if you think you want to try it at a class then bring it with you. Convincing yourself that something is "good enough" is how you find yourself regretting that choice of apathy as you writhe in pain just having lost a gunfight. Train train train!

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