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The question I had for the longest time about Appendix Carry was... why is appendix carry so popular? Is it because appendix carry is uber tactical? I think that had a little bit to do with it.

In the last year or so I've run into a few people that are...honestly I couldn't call them Special Forces 'cause I really don't know what their background is but these are the guys I was told don't photograph don't video tape these guys. So I'm assuming they're somebody but they were running appendix carry Glock 19. That was the first push for me 'cause I was sitting on the fence of carrying here for me 9 o'clock 'cause I'm a leftie for everyone else 3 o'clock.

But with appendix carry you can be in a very relaxed position like you saw me here and with your support hand you can sweep up and as long as you're here and you've got control of that shirt you can start shooting from right here. Going to Talon Defense and seeing the guys that were running appendix carry blowing through the drills faster than anybody else was my first doink to get off the fence. Then I went to Dave Spaulding's Handgun Combatives and there same thing. The guys that were running appendix carry were blowing through the drills faster than anybody else.

Here is the other thing with appendix carry you look more trim. Like you know, I'm a fairly big guy, but can you guys actaully tell that I have knife, two 21 round PMAGS on me, and a pistol in an appendix carry rig. This is a Drop Out of Sight from Bravo Concealment. 

The final push for me to get off that fence was going to WarTac CQC Rich Nance. We were doing the close quarters pistol. When your in this position, you know, your talking with someone and say dude takes a swing at you. You cover and you spear the guy in the face with an elbow. From here I can get my gun right here and I can start shooting this guy. If I got to get my cover garment out my hand ends up here and if this dude knows what he's doing his hand is automatically going to swing out.

He's gonna go for my arms. He can interrupt my draw by just slapping my hand. Once he interrupts my draw mentally I gotta reset what I'm doing to get back into that draw again. From here I can compress in really hard I can get my pistol as long as I can clear right here. I can start shooting this dude, I'm gonna hit 'em in the groin in the lower belly but I'm gonna hit 'em.

So appendix carry at that point became a huge AHA! moment because the dudes that were running appendix carry were absolutely running circles around us, me included, that were not running appendix carry. 

My other issue was I was running a Glock 17 and I finally got a Glock 19 so now I'm like everybody else. Finally got a Glock 19 and customized it. I do my own frame work but I love it absolutely love it. Right now I am running a Drop Out of Sight from Bravo Concealment with only one clip on.

Rene the owner of Bravo Concealment was telling me take the clip off of this side and it is gonna transform how the Drop Out of Sight feels when your wearing it with a single clip. And lets not forget that clip is flexible which means your shirt can go behind it and this now is tuckable. 

Simple put thats why I run appendix carry. Why do I run Bravo Concealment appendix carry? Because I really like Bravo Concealment. When I say Bravo Concealment I talking about the guys, I'm not talking about the company. I'm talking about the people. The guys at Bravo Concealment are really good about turning out good product and supporting the customer and listening to the customer.

So anyways that's what I got for you guys today as always God Bless you all get those guns out and practice. Have a good one.

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  • I have Talons (the rubberized version) on all of my firearms. Best value there is out there. I EDC, and after about 1,000 rounds thru various firearms, the grips have never come loose, or gave me any issues at all. Highly recommend these to anyone who is looking for a reasonable solution for improving their grip without screwing up their firearm with stippling.

    talon holster guide Nov 23, 2020
  • I have been on the fence concerning appendix carry. I have DOS holster for my Shield 9. I’m trying to see if there is a DOS for my SD9VE. Bravo doesn’t make one as of now, but I’m wondering if their S&W MP 9mm would accommodate SD9VE 9mm? Great video.

    Carl King Mar 16, 2017
  • I have 3 different Bravo Concealment holsters IWB/OWB (and Mag holsters) for 2 different pistols and they are the best! I am with Richard on this one. How do you sit with appendix carry?

    Jay Mar 02, 2017
  • The guys that you saw appendix carry practice “a lot”, like their job is to practice. If you don’t have that level of practice you might just shoot your balls off. I once dressed up like superman and tried to fly…

    Joel Mar 01, 2017
  • My question is, how do you sit with appendix carry? My build is AGNB. I’m 71 and my slim/trim days are behind me. Good video, but no one ever addresses sitting; getting in/out of the car, etc.

    Richard Whitaker Mar 01, 2017

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