Why This Was The HARDEST Decision I Ever Had To Make! - Bravo Concealment

In business there is one decision I had so much trouble making, and that was leaving my prior job to go full throttle into Bravo. It was so difficult because it was a very good job. And like I said before in a prior Podcast, good can be a killer of greatness. I lay it all down on the table in this Vlog. I hope you enjoy it.


  • I was a former Bravo concealment customer. I have several holsters and shirts .You keep thanking your customers but you forget about your left handed customers. I realize maybe left handed holster sales maybe small compared to right handed customers . I love your products but just to drop the left handed line is crazy. We Believe in your product We wear your shirt with your company name on it. And just because we are left handed you shut it down. Now all we hear is you thanking all of those RIGHT HANDED CUSTOMERS ONLY . Sad……

    Tim Fowler
  • Wow… Thank you so much for that post. That was very inspirational for me. God has been working on me lately (using people like you). When I get over the fear, I’m sure great things will be coming my way too!

    Mark Scott

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