Why Kydex Is The Superior Thermoforming Plastic

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A few reasons why Kydex is the superior thermoforming plastic. 

From day one Bravo Concealment has always used thermoforming plastics. Out of all the plastics available we chose Kydex from the get-go.

There are many types of plastics being used in the holster market today. Whether it’s a 100% plastic holster or a “hybrid” (leather / synthetic / plastic) holster, different manufacturers and hobbyist are using different types. Most decisions to use certain types of plastics are based on budgetary and profitability reasons and not research. Though we know that for a company to exist it must be profitable, we feel that Bravo Concealment can profit while not “skimping” on our products. This is where the research comes in.

In this article we compared Kydex to a “competitive brand” that other holster makers and manufacturers are using.

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has already compared the two plastics in a variety of tests. We look at different aspects that make Kydex, in our opinion, the better choice for holsters.

The first test we compared is ASTM D638 which measures tensile strength, the pressure necessary to break the thermoforming plastic. The results show that Kydex ruptured or broke at 6,100 PSI. This is very significant since the leading brand could only withstand 5,400 PSI. This proved that the competing brand took less pressure to break making it inferior to Kydex.

The next test preformed uses a 3 point pressure system to measure the necessary pressure to flex the plastic to a 5 percent ratio. This test is known as D790. Again Kydex came on top of the competition with 335,000 PSI while the leading brand measured in at 330,000 PSI. This proves that it takes more pressure to “flex” Kydex than the competitor's flimsier plastic.

Test D648 accurately measures the ability of a plastic to bear a given pressure load at elevated temperatures. This is very important since the ability to form a plastic into a certain shape (like a gun holster) is used in conjunction with heat. The result proved that Kydex stood up to 173 degrees Fahrenheit while the competitor withstood 161 degrees Fahrenheit giving Kydex a slight edge in elevated temperature which can cause thermoforming plastics to fail.

These are just a few test that compare the 2 leading plastics in the holster industry. These two plastics are similar in most ways and some of these test results are very close. It is obvious though that Kydex is superior in these fields which we feel are important in a holster. Especially one that you carry your firearm on a daily basis.

The decision in purchasing a good holster is yours. Know that Bravo Concealment has always taken pride in providing only quality materials. We want you to have the best holster on the market and we know how important it is for yourself and your family. This is why we will not settle for inferior materials. 

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  • love your holsters, im a customer for life. i will never run any other holsters ever again, it feels like your not wearing anything, every single holster I’ve ever run always pinches me, I don’t feel like I have much movement there always uncomfortable. when I tried your holster I felt nothing no pinches I had gained my movement back it felt like nothing was on me. The other thing I love about your holsters is it stays close to your body there’s no movement nothing. wonderful weapon retention, all my other holsters ever time I jump my gun would sometimes fall out of the holster I can pretty much hang upside down and shake your holster and the gun stays perfectly retained. and the concealment if im open carrying and i want to conceal it I’ll pull my shirt over it and there’s little to no gun print and if you use iwb belt loop for get about it i can have no shirt on and its hard to see its the best conceal carry holsters ever. love your holsters keep em coming.

    Joseph Stanley Jun 01, 2016

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