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I received my first order and so far I love it. I do a good amount of movement firing drills(3-4 times a month) and have had no issues at all. The design fits comfortably using the OWB belt slides that came with it and the IWB clips and belt loops I ordered have rendered the holster(and gun too I guess hehe) very comfortable for concealed carry. I am really enjoying the holster so far and know that I will get a lot of use out of it as I train further and really put it through it's paces. The holster retention is great. I've done several drills that included forward shoulder rolls, and jumping up, onto, and over walls. The gun has been on my side through it all. Thanks for the great product and I am looking forward to experimenting with your new SNS-R within the next few months. Being a Marine Veteran, I put all of my gear through a lot of stress. Between just being active and the amount of shooting/training I quickly weed out the stuff that falls apart and just cant hack it. I've only completed maybe 1-2K draws from retention and this thing is going strong. I'm very appreciative of a solid product from a great company. - Aaron

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