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I never thought I would find a holster that fit my full size CZ SP-01 with a Crimson Trace CMR205 Light/Laser.  
Thank you Bravo Concealment for not only making a holster for my gun/laser/light combo but also for making an outstanding product.
The holster fits like a glove with just the right amount of retention.
I wore it on my belt with a loose fitting shirt over it and no one could tell I was carrying. Holds close to the body.
I now have the ability to carry 18 + 1 rounds of 9mm with a light/laser.
I couldn't be happier.
Thanks again and I will recommend your product to my friends and colleagues.

- Andrew from Virginia 


Just wanted to thank you guys at Bravo Concealment! I had a holster 21sf with threaded barrel and use it EDC. One of the old J hooks had broken off at the top due to over use. Within 2 days after speaking with a representative who was more than kind I have now in hand your newer version of the clips hat attatch to belt. Honestly I was a bit skeptical because other companies and holsters I have use their own design and the J hook is my favorite from your company so when the rep said they were discontinued and you had new version I was a bit upset. But once I had them in hand I think these are even better! So once again thank you for being an amazing company and sticking to your values and customers! I will no doubtably be ordering more holsters for my other carries and sending not only family but friends your way for the same! Great experience with you all!

- Tony from North Carolina


I have had my BCA Light Bearing Holster for six months now and have put the holster through rigorous testing at the range and daily wear. I live in Virginia where we have all of the seasons but very warm summers due to the humidity. Being a retired law enforcement officer, I have owned just about every holster system for both duty and off-duty wear since the early 80's. I attempted to purchase a light bearing holster for my Springfield XDM 3.8 40cal for at least two years prior to contacting your company and was advised that the holster was either impossible to construct or I had no response from several companies that I attempted to contact. From the start of my order through questions and the final receiving of your product, I can only give you a Five Star Rating out of five. I was an LE Range Master and have instructed LE Officer Safety/Survival courses over the years and now teach civilian CCW courses and will ONLY recommend Bravo Concealment for conceal carry holster systems and accessories. The products are "American Made" and the "Unlimited Lifetime Guarantee" is really worthy of a ten star rating. You have earned my business and recommendations and don't ever compromise the quality of your products!”

-Richard from Virginia


Just wanted to comment on the RTT holster I received for my Glock 17. When it comes to a Kydex holster, I don't expect a lot, I was never really a big fan of Kydex. When I put this holster on, with a full mag in my Glock 17, I was extremely impressed. I could hardly tell I was wearing a holster. Very comfortable. Bravo Concealment has apparently discovered the magic formula on how to distribute the weight of a holstered firearm. Also, this holster just seems to form to your body. I've tried several Kydex holsters, but never anything like this. Simply amazing. THANKS!!!

-Don from Iowa


"I received my holster this past weekend and upon opening the box, I was immediately impressed! First, the professional packaging is an awesome first impression, and with the awesome prices of the holster, the packaging was not expected. The holster itself is a masterpiece of Kydex manufacturing. My friend and I had dabbled in making holsters for a couple years here locally, but came to the conclusion that working full time and Kydexing was too much. I'm glad Bravo Concealment is here. The definition of the holster is top notch, retention is great, and the edges, which is the most often overlooked part of other manufacturers holsters, are seamless and polished to a mirrored finish. I typically carry appendix and bought this holster for outdoor activities like camping or hiking that would have too much bending over for appendix carry, this holster will serve that purpose well, snug to the body with a shirt over it, an no stabbing to the mid-section. I will be ordering several more holsters from Bravo Concealment very soon."
"The quick ship option, if you have one of the firearms that qualifies, is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Justin from New Mexico


I was a die hard fan of the other company with "concealment" in their name. As they kept raising their prices I couldn't see it. So after hearing about Bravo and that they had a free shipping offer going on, I decided to give them a shot. Man O Man why didn't I do this sooner! I ordered the pancake wings as well. Fit and finish is outstanding. I like how they mold for an extended slide lock too. I always had to tweek the fit of the other brand's holster, this one is perfect right out of the box... thank you Bravo!! You have a new loyal customer!!

- David from Ohio


We are always striving to make the best possible holsters on the market. We welcome any past, present, and future customers to write what they think about their Bravo concealment holster. Write your review and who knows maybe your words will be featured on The Soapbox. Thank you to all our customers you make it possible for us to continue making quality concealment holsters for your every day carry.



Corey from Maine

I purchased a Bravo Holster, it wasn’t sized for my 1911 100%. I called Bravo and they took care of it and had it back to me in short order. I’m so impressed with the Bravo team, they have all my kydex business. I ordered all the hardware I needed to run the rig anyway I could possibly need, and I’m extremely pleased with the magazine holders and attachment hardware. I also enjoy Instructor Zero’s videos, and the patriotism and respect he has for America. If only we could get some Americans to show the same respect for our rights, values, and service men and women..


Purchased 2 Bravo holsters , couldn’t be happier. The fit and finish is the best . I will only use Bravo from now on. I am looking to get the level 2 holster next . I have looked and researched and I believe this is the brand to get. Keep up the good work don’t compromise the Quality.
I love you complete line of gun equipment.

Gabe Malik

BCA holsters are designed with carefull attention to function and concealment to offer the user worry free application under all conditions .Holsters of high quality yet simple in design and can be relied on to offer the best performance a holster can in any situation .Compared to other holsters on the market they are 2nd to none.Best of all they are made right here in the USA.

Charles G

I bought a Bravo Hoodie and it is awesome, fit great too.


Ice been using a BCA holster for over a year now after making the switch from alien gear holsters due to frequent loss of retention causing my gun to frequently slide out of the holster at very inconvenient times. I’ve only had one issue with my BCA holster and that was that it’s initial retention was way to high for my liking and was easily remedied after talking with bravos customer service

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