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If I Can, So Can You... Maybe...

 I had no idea I wanted to be an entrepreneur until about 5-6 years ago. That's because Bravo was already running strong for over 2 years. I saw an...

Fix The Problem Not The Gun

This one is gonna hurt a bit but it needs to be said. Fix the trigger nut - that would be the nut behind the gun.

Does Conceal Carry Make You A More Responsible Person?

There are 2 instances that I can recall clearly when I became a responsible person. The day me and my wife started a family and when I got my conce...

The Second Amendment - The Cost Of Freedom and What I Think Of It

What is the cost of freedom? That may be up to the individual but for most people in the United States it's the cost of protecting ourselves from t...

What You NEED To Know About The BCA Gun Holster!

The BCA Gun Holster has been the standard in our line of Holsters for OWB and it continues to please customers on a daily basis. Here is what you n...

Firing People Is Easy?!

Some people say that firing someone is the worst feeling in the world. That may be true when you have to lay off people. But firing should come easy. 

What Almost Destroyed Bravo In The Beginning

Know the business side of things when selling your product. It is the number one thing to know when first starting, at least the basics of it.

How We Hire New People

When we hire people here at Bravo we look at the person first. It is very important that we hire people who know how to commit and have good work e...

Are Those Closest To You Keeping You Down?

Many people have fallen short of their goals because of the people they listen to.

Ways To Increase Your Knowledge - The Powerful Smartphone

Almost everything has been commoditized. The new knowledge tool is in your hands on a daily basis.

The Next Sight Picture

  There is a trend in firearms training that was established a long time ago. It's known as "cool guy shooting" and it has left the screen of you...

"YouTube Is Anti-Gun!"…and???

  Many people are upset that YouTube is not “firearms” friendly. Trust me, I’m upset as well.