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How One Call Can Make You Lose Your Guns

    Imagine having your guns taken away almost instantly because someone makes a single call. That's what the "Red Flag Bill" in Chicago seeks to ...

9mm vs 45 ACP - Which is the better round?

  The infamous debate: Which round is better? The 9mm or the .45? In this podcast we give the pros and cons of both and weigh in on which round ...

3D Printed Guns Are Here! How to Make Your Own!

  3D Printed Guns Are Here! Are they the future of fire arms? How easy is it to get your hands on one? What does this mean for how Americans obt...

The Bravo Audio Show - Episode #6

    We sit down to discuss:-U.N. Report on the amount of Guns in the World & Laws Internationally. -How Countries in the Past have taken its C...

Protecting Your Kids the Right Way!

In this Podcast, we talk about the brave woman from Dallas, TX that protected her children by shooting her attacker in the face. We discuss what s...

Liberal News and Its Bias

We often see the way some media can bend facts to fit their narrative, and in this episode we tackle that issue head on.

Does America Own Too Many Guns?

 Is America the bad guy for having almost half of the world's firearms? 

America Owns Half The Guns on Earth!?!

How Countries in the Past have taken its Citizens Weapons. Gun Data Base/ Global Registry?

Conceal Carrying On Private Property???

n this podcast, we sit down and discuss if it's wrong to conceal carry when going to parties and how to react when they ask you to leave your gun b...

Landlords Taking Our Guns?!

Should landlords have the right to deny us housing if we own guns? Can they kick us out if we have firearms? Or is that unlawful?   Rene Aguirre...
Why Carry An Extra Magazine?

Why Carry An Extra Magazine?

Many who carry concealed run an extra magazine. You may ask, “Why do I need an extra mag when I’m running a Glock 19 that already holds fifteen pl...

Thoughts on The Capital Gazette Shooting

Our Condolences go out to all the family & friends affected by the event.