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The Ever So Changing World & What the Future Holds

We’ve become a society of “Want It Now” NFL on Demand; being able to pick the games you want, Ads the way we know it a thing of the past!?! Google ...

Carrying While Traveling on Vacation & Concealment in Other States!?!

Sitting down with Dan & Carlos having a further discussion on the issue of:-California splitting into 3 State.-How Gun Laws are different from ...

Do Guns Make You Safe??? Duh...

Self driving cars, common sense isn't that common anymore and guns making us safe. These are a couple of things we talk about in this podcast.

Bravo Concealment BCA Gun Holsters

Bravo Concealment BCA Gun Holsters

Bravo On Haters - Disney’s Appetite To Rule!

We’ve become numb to the negativity and here is why… we’re just to darn busy. 

What Is The Best Gun For Every Day Conceal Carry? This Is What I Run…

The best thing to do to be better at conceal carrying is to just practice with your gun and start conceal carrying. just like there are no shortcut...

Concealed Carry "IS" A Way Of Life

Concealed Carry is a huge change in daily routing. This why many people don’t carry concealed on a consistent basis. 

Is the “Second Amendment” That Important?!?

There is no NEW revelation when it comes to the Second Amendment. It was written over 200 years ago in a very easy to understand way.

IWB or OWB, Which Is Better For Concealed Carry?

I’ve been conceal carrying for about 20 years with about 8 years on a consistent, everyday carry level. In this video I talk about my experiences ...

Important Things To Consider While Conceal Carrying

 In this video I talk about my experiences with concealed carry and what works great for me.

Bravo Concealment’s AR Breakdown

People want to know more about this AR build. Many people know this rifle because it comes out on many Instagram and Facebook photos and videos not...
The REAL Reason Why People Don’t Conceal Carry

The REAL Reason Why People Don’t Conceal Carry

Hey guys,     Many people have a hard time committing to something because they simply don’t have interests in it. That’s fine when you’re talkin...