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  • That report sounds like a lot of BS. It’s like you have to read between the lines to find the real story of what they want. Every time it is always the same thing. Gun control gun control gun control. Which translates to registration so it is easier to confiscate when the Blue hats come knocking. Great show keep it up.

    Joe. Vandivner
  • No to any kind of gun registration. Any agreement with UN is a big no to me as well. They want to eliminate private firearm ownership and have tried to start with registration followed by gun confiscation. It’s all about control and one world government bullshit.
    Automobiles aren’t protected by any amendment that I know of, so I guess they can do whatever they want to with gas guzzler tax, etc.
    Enjoyed the discussion, but make no mistake, we need to stay vigilant to protect our rights.

    Stan Walker

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