Have Suppressor Tall Sights or Red Dot Optic?

Red Dot Sights

Majority of Bravo Concealment Holsters can accommodate for the most requested Red Dot Optics like the ones shown below: 

Trijicon RMR

If you already have that modification then you probably also have added taller sights to your weapon. Also known as "suppressor sights," tall sights are a popular upgrade to guns.


If you are running a suppressor (silencer) or a red dot, know that suppressor height sights are a must for a more clear sight picture when running suppressed or when getting your red dot sight to co-witness. With our Kydex or Polymer holsters, you do not have to worry about your aftermarket sights being too tall. Especially the front sight. The rear sight doesn't come close to the holster but the front sight is leading the way.

tall suppressor sights

There are many different types of tall sights that people choose to run with their guns. Some of the more popular ones are tritium filled suppressor night sights. These little tritium lamp flasks are designed into both front and rear sights for a glowing effect that allows you to get to your sight alignment quicker. They come in different colors, green tritium being the more popular. I personally run these on my Glock pistols.

Trijicon Tall Sights

Many choose to apply sight paint, even on their tall sights. This paint is only applied to the front sight for better sight acquisition. There are many colors but most choose an orange front, white front or green front sights. Either way, know that we have you covered for most tall sights applications.

Here is a list with majority of sight sets our holsters accommodate to:

Manufacture Compatibility

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types- up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Standard Dot, F8 Night Sights - ONLY

Yes all types - up to (.355" Front)

Dawson Precision


This list is the most common/popular sights majority of our customers ask us. If you have any other sights that are not listed above please feel free to contact us via Phone: (956) 783-7682 or email us to office@bravoconcealment.com and we will gladly help verify if our holsters can accommodate to your upgrade.

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  • A holster for a Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS with tough and bright trijicon suprressed heights sights / TLR8 AG laser light combo / Trijicon SRO Red Dot. Please advise, thank you!

    Omar Rubio Jan 06, 2021
  • I need a holster for a cz p10c with high night sights, suppressor ready. do you have a recommendation. please advise

    thank you

    jim hyatt

    Jim Feb 07, 2020
  • I’ve got a Kimber khx pro (or) suppressor sights and a Holosun 507 optic, do you have a holster that will fit

    Darren Handy Sep 30, 2019
  • Spell check doesn’t catch everything.
    to tall
    Too Tall

    Nate Aug 03, 2018
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