3 Things You Need To Know About The Torsion Gun Holster

I did this video to show you how the Torsion IWB Kydex holster is designed to work. Many people think it was designed around appendix carry, it wasn't. Thanks for watching this video and enjoy.



Hi, guys, today I wanna talk about three things you need to know about the torsion gun holster. Three things, all right? Number one, it's not just an appendix inside the waistband gun holster. One of the biggest questions that I get about the torsion gun holster is, is it only for appendix? It's not, it wasn't even designed for appendix, it was just... Sorry that's my computer restarting. It's not just designed for appendix inside the waistband. It wasn't even designed around appendix carry. It was just designed for an inside the waistband gun holster. 
Now, does it work for appendix? Yes, it does. The small signature. The backside of it because of the torsion technology. The backside is a lot smoother than the front. So, it's just a lot more comfortable. But, guys, listen to me, it is designed to be worn anywhere around your waistline, all right? So, it's not just an appendix gun holster. You can wear it at the three o'clock position. As a matter fact, I wear this one mostly, you'll see me in the videos like...if you follow us on Snapchat or Instagram story, you'll see me that I carry appendix and I do it for the most part. But, when I'm gonna carry it for a long period of time or I'm gonna be sitting down a lot or if I go to the movies, this goes at the four or five o'clock position, all the time.
And so, I carry it about 50/50. I think more at the four or five o'clock position, maybe a 60/40. It is not designed for strictly appendix inside the waistband, it is designed to be worn pretty much anywhere. So, that's number one. The second thing you need to know about the torsion gun holster is that I wear it with a single belt clip configuration. So, I take off the slide side belt clip. That's just me, guys. I like it that way. A lot of people have been running it this way. I see it a lot on social media where people...if you go to our Instagram, people that are posting pictures of their torsion gun holster, most of the time it's just on a single belt clip configuration. So, that's the way I like to run it. 
And the reason I like to run it with a single belt clip configuration, a couple reasons. One, you can take it off and put it on real quick. You don't have to be messing around with two belt clips, all you do is just slip that one belt clip in and that's it. I've never had a problem with it, falling out or anything, a lot of people say, "It was just a single belt clip, what if it falls out?" I've never had a problem with it, running it appendix or at the four or five o'clock position. Never. If you want both anchor points, go for it. Go do it. I'm not saying that this is best for everyone, but this is best for me. 
The other reason I like wearing a single belt clip configuration is because these belt clips are slightly larger than one and a half inch. So, it allows your belt to kind of move around in there or it doesn't allow your belt to move. It allows the clip to move around your belt a little, not a whole lot but a little where you can cant it and give it a good seven-eight degree cant, forward or back. And I like this one in running the appendix because it allows me to sit down and just be a little bit more comfortable. So, if I have to just kinda nudge it over a little, to sit down, great. 
The hardest thing to conceal on a gun is the grip of the gun, by far. And so, if you nudge it over a little, even when you're wearing at appendix, it really helps in concealment. So, that's why I like the single belt clip configuration. One, easy on and off. Two, it allows you to kinda cant it over when necessary. Even when I'm running it at the four o'clock position, it'll allow me to reach over and just cant it over a little bit just for ultimate concealment. But regardless, it conceals very well.
Now, the third thing about this gun holster is that it doesn't need any external attachments to hide the grip of the gun and push it towards your body because of the torsion technology that is integrated into the holster. It's integrated into the holster. So, it doesn't need, again, any external attachments such as a claw or...a lot of people call it different things, so it doesn't need that. And it's awesome because obviously, the footprint of the holster itself is a lot smaller. The other thing is that those claws, they only or those attachments, they only cover so much. So, if you cant your holster over, if that attachment isn't riding on your belt, then that attachment really is no good. 
Now, there's some attachments that are long and those may work if you wanna cant it back and forth. But, number one, it doesn't need an attachment. Number two, that attachment if it's not on your belt, if it's below your belt or if it's above your belt, that attachment doesn't really work. No need for external attachments. And you're gonna add more things to the gun holster, more screws, more backings. No attachments, you don't have to worry about screws coming undone or anything like that. It's a simple design. It's a great design and it's a design that really can be achieved, other than using the manufacturing process that we use. There it is, guys. It is a great concealment gun holster. Don't just take my word for it. If you follow us on Snapchat, if you follow us on Instagram story. 
If you are a subscriber to our newsletter, you'll see all the testimonies that we put out there. It almost seems like, on a daily basis, we get so many testimonies where people are just loving this gun holster. You guys need to try it out. We've got a 30-day money back guarantee. So, we're taking all the risk for you guys. We are taking all the risk, guys. And that's awesome because we wanna put it in your hands because we know you're gonna love it. We know you're gonna love it, guys. 
Again, this is the torsion inside the waistband gun holster. Number one, it's not just an appendix gun holster. Number two, single belt clip configuration, it works great. A lot of people run it that way and it doesn't take away from the torsion technology that is integrated into the holster. That's another thing that you need to try out. A lot of people think when you take off that belt clip, it's not gonna do its job. It's gonna do its job, guys, and it's gonna do it just fine. And then number three, no need for external attachments, such as the claw or other attachments to bring in the grip of the gun in towards your body. Go check them out bravoconcealment.com, awesome gun holster. Guys, thanks again for watching, I will talk to you guys soon.



Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment. Rene has been carrying concealed on a daily basis for over 8 years and has been a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder for more than 20 years. Finding a high interest in firearms for many years, Rene started Bravo because of the “lack of” a good concealed carry holster on the market.

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    Garry May 06, 2018
  • are you going to make this for the M&P Shield 9MM????

    david weidner Apr 22, 2018
  • When are you going to make a iwb holster for Glock 19 with Aplc

    Anthony vargas Apr 22, 2018
  • Have you thought about integrating the Torsion technology into the BCA OWB holster? That would be a game changer I would think.

    Jonathan Hunt Apr 16, 2018
  • when will you start making the Torsion for a Glock 42 ?

    Eric Apr 16, 2018

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