Relaxed Vigilance

Relaxed Vigilance by Abner Miranda

When you carry concealed, there is a lot of focus on "um well my firearm prints." Guys printing is not that big a deal. Unless people are like walking around eyeballing everybody. You know trying to figure our who is carrying a gun. Guys society doesn't do that.

Disguising Your EDC Gun

Bravo Concealment single belt clip Dos

We’ve all done it. Asked our loved one; “can you see my gun?”. When we start carrying our gun daily for the first time, we tend to be very cautious of how much our gun prints (shows outline of gun through the shirt).

About The DOS Torsion


About the DOS Torsion

This is like no other holster you have ever seen. The integrated 10 degree inward cant is built into the holster itself, hence the word “integrated”. This allows for the grip of the gun to rest closer to the body for the maximum concealment of your handgun. 

Dynamic Training With Instructor Zero

Instructor Zero Dynamic Drill

But its very useful to train the transition between the stand up position and ground position. Very good drill for fitness, for aiming, for trigger. To set the finger with the upper and lower body during a dynamic action. Very very useful.

Flying With Firearms

DOS Holster Flying With Firearms

There is great power in asking for a supervisor, in a controlled voice, and standing your ground. There is even greater power in handing your tablet to said supervisor and asking them to read the regulations from their own website.

Instructor Zero Presents...1-2 Engage!

Instructor Zero Training

This is very useful drill. The next step is to do the same action. So, 1, 2, 1. Reload. Engage the plate. So, we train. Reload. So basically, remember you need to work little bit out of the box. And you work like, for example the boxer, so we don’t go to the change out of reload, the dry reload, emergency reload.

Why I Carry AIWB

Why I Carry AIWB by Abner Miranda

Here is the other thing with appendix carry you look more trim. Like you know, I'm a fairly big guy, but can you guys actaully tell that I have knife, two 21 round PMAGS on me, and a pistol in an appendix carry rig. This is a Drop Out of Sight from Bravo Concealment. 

Dueling Tree Challenge

Dueling Tree Challenge with Instructor Zero

Instructor Zero challenges his buddies to a Dueling Tree Marathon. Can he make it to 100 consecutive shots?

Lock That Gun Up!

Lock That Gun Up! by Abner Miranda

Abner Miranda gives his take on what to do with your truck gun(s). Take a few minutes and see if his solution could work for your weapon(s).

Match Performance Series

Match Performance Series

Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Mitch Barlow is here to demonstrate some of his practice drills/exercises. Click to see the first video in the new Match Performance Series.

NEW! DOS Torsion Holster, Coming Soon.

New Torsion DOS Holster

Our Iconic DOS holster is getting an upgrade and is now better than ever! Our breakthrough Torsion Technology allows the gun holster to conceal your handgun better than ever! 

Abner Miranda: Bravo Concealment DOS

AIWB with Bravo Concealment

An emerging carry style known as appendix carry inside the waistband (AIWB). Bravo Concealment makes a great AIWB holster, the Drop Out of Sight (DOS). Here is why I like it so much.

The New Gun Holster Search

Bravo Concealment Logo

Bravo Concealment has made finding your holster even easier. Please see the video to learn how easy it is to find the best EDC holster.

Bi-Monthly Prize Giveaways

Bravo Concealment Prize Giveaway

We would like to thank all our e-mail subscribers, we will be conducting a random prize giveaway every 1st and 15th of the month. Winner(s) will be announced in every newsletter release. How do you enter? Very simple, just be a part of our e-mail list and you are automatically entered.

Clips That Don't Suck

Clips That Don't Suck by Daniel Shaw

Not all holsters are created equal. Daniel Shaw explains why he chooses the DOS holster over all others on the market today.

All Things SF


All Things SF by Abner Miranda

We’re already seeing the signs of financial strain turning to bust. There are going to be companies closing their doors in the next few weeks, and I’m not the only one suspecting that we’re going to have a lot of empty booths at SHOT Show as companies restructure their financials in hopes of surviving.

The Why Behind the SNS-UCR

Bravo Concealment SNS-UCR

Carrying a weapon is like anything else that you put your mind to. I chose a modicum of discomfort so that I’m prepared should trouble come looking for me. I hope you’ll consider the SNS-UCR for your dedicated pistol mag concealment needs.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing by Abner Miranda with Bravo Concealment Holster

As difficult as it is to say, there may come a time when you may have to get on the gas and leave an area when you see trouble coming. I decided a long time ago that if I was already in a venue and something got started I would do something about it, if possible. My training has opened my eyes and helped me temper my planned response to an attack.

The “Why” Behind the SNS-R

Abner Miranda The Why Behind the SNS-R

Most think that SNS-R stands for Shoot-N-Scoot Rig. Nope, that’s just the catchy name I gave it. What those letters really stand for are Sympathetic Nervous System Rig.

Why I Train With Steel

Round Steel Targets

The other way in which I use steel is with the aforementioned Challenge Targets 6” Pistol Plates. These are 1/4” AR500 steel and are rated for pistol use only. While this limits their use they’re actually a lot more useful, to me, than heavy static target systems.


Abner Miranda Aiming

This is how it normally goes in training. The instructor would create a malfunction and the shooter would fail to release the rifle and transition to their pistol. Why? Because they were caught in what I refer to as vapor lock. It’s an automotive term look it up. 

Concealing the NEW DOS-L holster

DOS-L IWB Bravo Concealment Holster

The long awaited Inside the Waistband (IWB) light bearing holster is finally here and many are wondering what is the best way to properly conceal the DOS-L?

Meet the Customer Service Team @Bravo

Bravo Concealment Round Logo

We pride ourselves in making sure every customer is matched with the ideal holster for their concealment needs. We promptly answer any and all questions via phone, email, or any form you choose to communicate with us. 

Our New Contributor

Daniel Shaw

Daniel is a great asset for us and will provide his expertise as an author, podcaster, gun writer, Cabela's Pro Staff and Editor at Funker Tactical. So please follow and like all of Daniel's social media channels for all his great content in the past, present, and future. 

Working From Cover

Abner Miranda Working From Cover

When I first saw the video of the DART officer being engaged at the pillar I said “that dude’s about to get...killed!” I saw it coming because I’ve trained extensively on how to work from cover.

Pack Light, Train Heavy

Abner Miranda on Ground

I want you to keep in mind that if you’re spending the money for weapons and ammo, hotel, food, time off work, wear and tear on your vehicle...why wouldn’t you spend money on good support gear?

Change Those Batteries

Abner Miranda Change Those Batteries

When I first started shooting rifles, many years ago, red dots were very expensive. So by sheer default I learned how to shoot iron sites, quite well I might add. For those who’ve recently entered our industry, you need to understand that red dot optics are a very new thing.

The DOS holster, Now even better!

DOS Holster Upgrade

When compared to others the DOS adds minimal mass and bulk to your weapon. All these elements combined make the holster virtually drop out of sight and erases your weapon’s visual signature. Combined with our new superior belt clips the DOS is one of the best gun holsters on the market.

The Reformed Democrat

Abner Miranda Standing

I grew up in a home where guns were not welcome nor understood. I recall once speaking with my mother’s uncle when I was about 16 years old. He was a pastor and a very learned man. One day he asked me what I wanted to be in life. I answered that I wanted to be a soldier or police officer.

Vehicle Defense Basics

Abner Miranda Vehicle Defense Basics

I also thought I knew how to handle firearms in tight confines and found otherwise. As is the case with most things that fascinate you, once you get a taste for learning something new you know you’re going in with both feet.

Customer's SoapBox

Bravo Concealment Customer Reviews

We are always striving to make the best possible holsters on the market. We welcome any past, present, and future customers to write what they think about their Bravo Concealment holster.


Energize! by Abner Miranda

It’s sometime in the distant future. Technology has helped us immensely in every walk of life, except for one…criminals are still criminals.

Five Smooth Stones

Bravo Concealment BCA M&P Shield Combo

Your holster is the key piece from where you build your EDC load out. EDC is a broad spectrum subject matter that encompasses a lot of items, but what I’m referring to here is what is on my person.

Competitive Corner

Bravo Concealment Mitch Barlow

Click to watch more videos of Mitch Barlow, Bravo Concealment's 3 gun competitive shooter.

Why Kydex?


Kydex Graphic

From day one Bravo Concealment has always used thermoforming plastics and out of all the plastics available we chose Kydex from the get-go.

Have Suppressor(Tall) Sights?

Bravo Concealment Tall sights Graphic

With our AMP holsters you do not have to worry about your aftermarket sights being to tall. Here is a list of the tall sights we automatically accommodate to.

Bravo Apparel

Our apparel is made with 100% cotton and pre-shrunk to have the perfect fit as soon as you receive it.

Why Conceal Carry?

The decision, whether or not to carry, is a very personal decision. It is a decision that puts you within a split second of the ability to defend yourself or take a life if need be.

Thank you!

BCA Holster Combo

Thank you to Eric Meisner from The Loadout Room. On April 4th, 2016 The Loadout Room released their review of our BCA Holster combo for the Glock 19.

Meet the Team @Bravo

What makes Bravo Concealment stand out from the rest? Is it the quality hand crafted holsters? Is it our Advanced Manufacturing Process? It is actually the great team here at Bravo that makes our holsters one of the best among the countless holsters makers worldwide.