This Is What It's All About!

This is What We Do by Bravo Concealment

Our process has grown and is continuing to evolve. We do this to cut cost and time in making your holster. What do we do with our low cost?

Talking Social Media

Talking Social Media by Bravo Concealment
I'm here talking to two of my Social Media Marketing guys. Thought we'd share some of the things we talk about.

Torsion Insights

Torsion Insights by Bravo Concealment

In this video I talk a little about the attributes found in the Torsion Gun Holster.

Train Smart: Protect Your Hands

Train Smart: Protect Your Hands by Abner Miranda

I find steel to be the most efficient learning medium for learning firearms skill sets. However, from time to time bullets will fragment and kick a little bit back at me.

Here To Win

Bravo Concealment Here To Win Vlog

Working hard everyday to bring our customers the BEST gun holster and the BEST customer service in the industry.

Rapid Growth Problems

Rapid Growth Problem by Bravo Concealment

I got a question from a fellow Snapchat-er and I wanted to take the time and answer this on a Blog since I figured it was a good question.

Behind The Scenes - A Montage

Behind The Scenes at Bravo Concealment

Here is a short video showing some of the things we do here at Bravo Concealment on a daily basis. Everything you see wash shot "In House".

EDC (Every Day Carry)

EDC Every Day Carry

Some thoughts on EveryDay Carry from my car as I'm driving to work early (5:50 am) to get those Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale orders out! Enjoy

Tier 1 Citizen: GS17 Shoulder It

Shoulder It by Abner Miranda

This is one of those "101" type videos that I want you guys to consider. If at all possible you really should have a shoulder fired weapon close at hand. I have chosen to carry my GS17 with me most everywhere I go, within reason of course.

The Combat Stance

Tactical Tips with Ron Grobman

Feet are parallel and staggered (about shoulder width apart) with the toes pointed in the same direction. Non dominant foot forward (but can be switched according to the situation). As though we are standing inside a square.

Is Slide Work Necessary?

is slide work necessary by abner miranda

The only thing that makes you faster, better, and smooth is time on the range. Slowly putting box after box of ammo through your pistol is the only way to get better at pistol craft.

Learning Who You Are Under Stress

Learn who you are under stress by Abner Miranda

Few among us can truly tell what they will do under a high stress, life threatening situation. We tend to have a preconceived notion of what we think we'll do. However, in the end we find that the event that we'd planned for didn't unfold how we thought it should.

Mastering Iron Sights

Mastering Iron Sights by Abner Miranda

At a recent class I ran my truck gun which is set up with only Troy Micro Battle Sights. It makes for a true truck gun that doesn't need any optics battery maintenance.

Being Consistent

being consistent by amber miranda

After making a major change to AIWB carry I have realized that this is not only a lifestyle change but also a total dedication to retraining my hands. I noticed some things at my most recent pistol class that are worth sharing here.

Tracking Your Target

Tracking Your Target by Abner Miranda

Here's a unique look at tracking a moving target. Many thanks to Dawn of Defense for allowing me access to their range for this video.

Trigger Finger High

Trigger Finger High by Abner Miranda

Recently I was running an impromptu class for a couple of friends and noticed some minor trigger finger placement issues. It was a prime opportunity to show the guys that while they were following the standard safety rules of moving with their trigger finger off the trigger they were actually still placing them in an incorrect position and needed to be higher on the frame. Here's why.

Train Smart: Dress For Success

Train Smart by Abner Miranda

A good rule of thumb when planning your attire for training classes is: If you wouldn’t wear it out to dinner with your friends and family, you probably shouldn't wear it to class. Wearing things to class that you don't wear on the streets is just waisted training reps. Train smart, plan ahead.

IWB Kydex Holster Challenge by SK Tactical Reviews

IWB Kydex Holster Challenge

What would you consider a tough holster? What kind of test would you do to challenge the durability of your inside the waistband (IWB) holster? Well SK Tactical has done the work. They ran 7 different holsters through the ringer and guess you came out on top. 

Printing While Carrying: Fugget About It!

Printing While Carrying: Fugget About It!

I’ll be blunt and tell you that the best way to carry a pistol is AIWB. Hands down it’s the most effective way to carry, defend it from a gun grab, and the easiest to access while driving. AIWB is the new way to carry and Bravo Concealment has various options to consider in this stye.

Focused Loading Drills

Focused Loading Drills by Abner Miranda
One such pattern that has been proven time and again is that when we spoon feed rounds to ourselves and our students we end up creating training scars that can become a major issue at the most miss-opportune moments. Body cam footage has now shown us that when we down-load our mags during training we create a subconscious "round counting" effect where we fire a prescribed amount of rounds then drop a mag and perform a reload.

Working From Cover

Working From Cover by Abner Miranda

Last year there was an incident in Dallas, TX where a Police Officer had taken cover at a pillar in front of a building and was trading shots with the bad guy. He made the fatal mistake of searching for his threat on the same side of the pillar where he'd seen him last.

Match Performance Series Rockstar Drill

Rockstar Drill by Mitch Barlow

We're out here today with a drill for ya this is our Match Performance Series. This is the RockStar Drill, six with the rifle, reload it, six more with the rifle, transition, get the pistol out for the final six rounds, and the par time we're looking for is ten seconds.