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Mastering The Handgun

Does anyone ever truly feel that they've mastered the handgun? The more you get into handgun training the more you realize just how difficult a we...

Why We Dislike Charlie So Much & What’s Up With Houston?

Our Long Form podcast is out and this is a small snippet of the entire podcast. Here we talk about Charlie, cities in Texas and some Baseball. Hop...

Concealed Carry "IS" A Way Of Life

Concealed Carry is a huge change in daily routing. This why many people don’t carry concealed on a consistent basis. 

Is the “Second Amendment” That Important?!?

There is no NEW revelation when it comes to the Second Amendment. It was written over 200 years ago in a very easy to understand way.

Is IWB Better Than OWB?!?!

I’ve been conceal carrying for about 20 years with about 8 years on a consistent, everyday carry level. In this video I talk about my experiences a...

Important Things To Consider While Conceal Carrying

 In this video I talk about my experiences with concealed carry and what works great for me.

Aim Small, Miss Small

You're required to hit a target in .5 second from just a few feet away to way out at about 25 yards. That experience proved to me that I had far mo...

Bravo Concealment’s AR Breakdown

People want to know more about this AR build. Many people know this rifle because it comes out on many Instagram and Facebook photos and videos not...
The REAL Reason Why People Don’t Conceal Carry

The REAL Reason Why People Don’t Conceal Carry

Hey guys,     Many people have a hard time committing to something because they simply don’t have interests in it. That’s fine when you’re talkin...

This is Why Most People Fail

Patience is KEY when it comes to everyday life. Emotions can be deceiving. This is why most people fail at things, they make decisions based on emo...

Sometimes People Just Need To Shut Up And Listen

God gave us two ears and one mouth, so we can hear twice as much as we say.

Children And Guns: What NOT To Do!

I had only seen them on TV so naturally when I came across a real one I wanted to hold it and point it at something. Now, mind you, I was very youn...