The Why Behind the SNS-UCR

Bravo Concealment SNS-UCR

Carrying a weapon is like anything else that you put your mind to. I chose a modicum of discomfort so that I’m prepared should trouble come looking for me. I hope you’ll consider the SNS-UCR for your dedicated pistol mag concealment needs.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing by Abner Miranda with Bravo Concealment Holster

As difficult as it is to say, there may come a time when you may have to get on the gas and leave an area when you see trouble coming. I decided a long time ago that if I was already in a venue and something got started I would do something about it, if possible. My training has opened my eyes and helped me temper my planned response to an attack.

The “Why” Behind the SNS-R

Abner Miranda The Why Behind the SNS-R

Most think that SNS-R stands for Shoot-N-Scoot Rig. Nope, that’s just the catchy name I gave it. What those letters really stand for are Sympathetic Nervous System Rig.

Why I Train With Steel

Round Steel Targets

The other way in which I use steel is with the aforementioned Challenge Targets 6” Pistol Plates. These are 1/4” AR500 steel and are rated for pistol use only. While this limits their use they’re actually a lot more useful, to me, than heavy static target systems.

Concealing the NEW DOS-L holster

DOS-L IWB Bravo Concealment Holster

The long awaited Inside the Waistband (IWB) light bearing holster is finally here and many are wondering what is the best way to properly conceal the DOS-L?


Abner Miranda Aiming

This is how it normally goes in training. The instructor would create a malfunction and the shooter would fail to release the rifle and transition to their pistol. Why? Because they were caught in what I refer to as vapor lock. It’s an automotive term look it up.