Glock 19 for Concealed Carry

Top 5 Reasons Why The Glock 19 Is The Best Gun For Concealed Carry

Having first debuted in the 1980s, the Glock 19 initially gained its notoriety from law enforcement markets and is still used by approximately 65% of law enforcement agencies across the United States today. A series of incidents that include a 1986 FBI shootout with bank robbers in Miami convinced the American cops that they needed to trade in the classic Smith & Wesson .38-caliber revolvers they had been using for 75 years for something more effective.

The gun that first brought Austrian firearm manufacturer Glock to fame was the Glock 17, a striker-fired, polymer frame semi-automatic pistol. However, the Glock 19 then emerged as the more compact version of the Glock 17, ultimately revolutionizing the 9mm handgun category with a winning combination of conceal-ability, handling, and magazine capacity. Today, it can be seen everywhere and is extremely popular, not just among law enforcement, but also among concealed carry enthusiasts in the US.

Why is the Glock 19 America’s top choice for CCW? These are the top five reasons

 1. Size and Weight

The Glock 19 has a shorter grip and slide with a length/height ratio of 7.36/4.99 inches compared to the 8.03/5.43 inches of the Glock 17. Not only does this smaller profile make it the smallest 15-round gun, but it also avoids gun printing (protruding through clothing in a way that makes its presence obvious to those around you).

The polymer frames are made of a plastic mold instead of steel, which makes it so light and allows the gun to have such a large capacity. At a loaded weight of around 1.89 pounds, wearing the Glock 19 on your hip for long durations of time is much more comfortable.

 2. Capacity

Chambered in a 9x19mm Parabellum round, it offers the perfect middle ground between full-size capability with a shorter form. It comes with a standard 15-round magazine and, compared to the 17-round capacity magazine of the Glock 17, it seems almost impossible to think of a realistic situation where this difference would be meaningful.

Not only that, but the 9mm Parabellum is used by the most military and police forces globally, making it not only affordable, but also the most easily obtainable round in the world. This magazine capacity is also good for states like Colorado that have a 15-round mag limit.

3. Aftermarket Support

The Glock 19 has a significantly smaller number of component parts compared to handguns by other manufacturers, which typically have twice as many parts. With fewer parts in total, there are fewer parts to break. Additionally, Glock parts are completely interchangeable. So if you have bunch of Glock 17s or Glock 19s, you can shuffle them around and put them in any gun. Of course, this is a major advantage for those with many firearms - especially police departments.

What’s more, there are very few Glock 19 components that can’t be customized. From slides to firing pin springs, there’s a broad range of customizable parts available. And because almost every manufacturer makes parts that can be used on the Glock, you will never struggle to find holsters, triggers, magwells, accessories, and more made specifically for your Glock 19.

4. Performance and Reliability

One of the great things about the Glock 19 is that it has delivered these reduced dimensions without sacrificing the performance that made the Glock 17 so popular in the first place. This means that it’s small enough for CCW, but still functional enough that it can be used as a full-fledged service and self-defense weapon.

It is also incredibly durable and will still function even if it’s not cleaned properly or regularly, although it is highly recommended to take proper care of your firearm.

5. Ease of Use

With less moving parts come less problems. The simplicity of the Glock 19 means easy assembly, disassembly, field maintenance, and field stripping, making it ideal for less experienced gun owners and those who prefer no-fuss firearms.

Compared to the traditional revolver’s trigger pull of 12 pounds, the Glock 19 has a trigger pull of slightly more than 5 pounds. So mediocre shooters or even bad shooters will be more accurate and effective, ultimately making it an ideal weapon for defense.

There are a few other reasons that add to the Glock 19 being the perfect conceal carry weapon. The popularity of this handgun and its big following ensure that any problems with it are addressed and fixed relatively quickly. Those gun owners who like continued training will also find that most courses run Glocks. Essentially, this versatile, compact 9mm is a “goldilocks gun” - it’s not too big, not too small, not too expensive, but just right. Affordability, reliability, and all the right characteristics for an inside the waistband concealed carry holster make it America’s favorite gun for concealed carry.

Rene Aguirre

Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment. Rene has been carrying concealed on a daily basis for over 8 years and has been a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder for more than 20 years. Finding a high interest in firearms for many years, Rene started Bravo because of the “lack of” a good concealed carry holster.

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    Emmanuel Hyacinthe Nov 23, 2020
  • my edc for the last 25 years, stock except for sights

    kevin Jul 13, 2020

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