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Lock That Gun Up!

A great solution to a problem many gun owners face everyday. Abner Miranda gives his take on what to do with your truck gun(s). Take a few minutes and see if his solution could work for your weapon.


Hey guys, Abner Miranda here. Today I wanted to talk to you about, those times where you can’t have your hand gun with you and you want to secure it in your vehicle. Or you have an extra weapon that you travel with that you want to secure in the vehicle. If for those that don’t have a lock box in the vehicle, something that is truly secure, you can always use bicycle locks… you know the cables. The problem with cables is they don’t fit thru the ejection port of an AR-15… I’ve tried.  You can do a chain, but that will gauche up... you know, the finish of your rifle. If you care about that kind of thing, the chain is out of the equation. As armed citizens, there are times that we can’t have our handgun with us, whether that be because we choose to leave it, for whatever reason, or in my case; I am no longer a police officer, so I don’t have that carte blanche thing that allowed me to just kinda go wherever I wanted to with a handgun. So now, as a responsible EDC citizen, I have to lock my fire weapon from time to time. Don’t like it, but I have to. And in the case, of not too long ago my daughter dragging me off to the mall to get something, I had to lock my hand gun up.

So, my buddy Daniel Bashner and I came up with an option that would work for handguns and rifles, and we went to Lowes and basically you just go to the department where the chains are and what not. And you can make your own cable. So, what we did was, we took… I figure with the measurement of this cable is, I want to say it’s like six millimeters, but its got a polymer coating with it so it won’t scratch the finish on the firearm. And, also, it protects it from rust. And we made a generous length of cable that would allow us to lock a handgun or rifle because this will pass through the ejection port of the rifle. And when you do this, you want to find a hard point in your vehicle and FYI glove boxes are not hard points. So, what I did was I discovered that this cubby right here in my truck, has a steal hook that is part of the frame of the vehicle and once again guys, what we’re dealing with here is smash-and-grab. All this is about is just smash-and-grab. You know, am I really going to secure this hand gun from someone who’s really, truly intent on causing damage? No, not really. But all I’m really after is keeping someone from bashing the window, grabbing my blaster, and running off with it. And potentially causing me all kinds of legal issues.

So, handgun can go in there, close the seat over.  Go the extra step. Separate your ammunition from the handgun, even if it’s just by dropping it in a map pocket or something… you know, just go the extra step. That’s pretty much it guys, just a really, simple way to lock up a handgun. And they’re gonna have to work a little bit, to get this handgun out the vehicle. They’re gonna have to either cut the cable, they’re gonna have to bash that piece, remember this is not really truly a hard point. If you really want a hard point, you can get underneath that backseat of a pickup truck. You can find a lot of steel to hook into. A very inexpensive way to secure a handgun in your vehicle and give you the peace of mind in knowing that, you know, your typical smash-and-grab bad guys not going to be able to get your handgun. There’s a great chance that it’ll still be there when you get back to the vehicle. But as always I thank you guys for watching. God bless you all. Get those guns out and practice.


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  • As always Abner says it clear and correct. We are responsible for our weapons at all times. We must never neglect the ownership and the right, we must take every precaution to secure our weapon from those who would do harm with them. Thank you Bravo Concealment and Abner Miranda!!!

    Aaron marceaux

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