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Printing And Concealed Carry - Why Nobody Cares!

Most of us are so vain that we think all eyes are on us at every moment. Most people out there don't care about your presence in a room much less if you're printing while carrying concealed. Stop leaving your gun at home because you may shed a shred of evidence that you have something under your shirt! Stop that! Know your state laws, train and start carrying. Enjoy.


Rene Aguirre

Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment. Rene has been carrying concealed on a daily basis for over 8 years and has been a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder for more than 20 years. Finding a high interest in firearms for many years, Rene started Bravo because of the “lack of” a good concealed carry holster on the market.

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  • What gets me is stopping at every store or restaurant door or gas station to quickly scan for the signage stating whether or not I can open, conceal or not carry at all.

    Alberto Aguirre Jr Apr 08, 2018

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