Printing While Carrying: Fugget About It!


For those of you worried about printing while carrying your blaster - Fugget about it! Seriously, it’s not that big a deal. Let’s face it, carrying a gun is a major pain in the neck. But then again so is getting caught without it. I often here guys complaining about their blaster printing under their shirt. If that’s your concern then go with a holster on your side and wear a loose fitting button down shirt. Both buttoned up or open allows you to carry not only your blaster but also your support gear with ease. Take this from someone who’s been carrying guns for a couple of decades. The fact that you have on a non-tactical cover garment doesn’t always mean that you’re hiding in plain sight. If you’re the guy who has on the shoot me first vest or are wearing the tactical beard you’re sending out the wrong message. The turds aren’t as dumb as they’re portrayed on TV. Take this from a former cop, our adversary is sharper than we think. I’ll be blunt and tell you that the best way to carry a pistol is AIWB. Hands down it’s the most effective way to carry, defend it from a gun grab, and the easiest to access while driving. AIWB is the new way to carry and Bravo Concealment has various options to consider in this stye.

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  • Great points!

    Ben Aug 01, 2017
  • Good video. Thanks for doing it. We all do the same thing and you are right. The only other person in the room or on the sidewalk that suspects you are carrying is because they probably are carrying. That’s a good thing because that other person is more than likely another good guy.

    Don Aug 01, 2017
  • Was my conservative worry I’m always wearing medium shirts which you could notice the print of the handle while wearing it on my side I have been concerned due to complaints
    Regularly on paranoid individuals that notice every thing just to gossip or create a scene all I get is an officer asking for my drivers lic and ccw lic and verifys if I have been drinking all comes out clear And I get a bill half of f the check is discounted due to disturbance from another customer.. the manger wants me to come back this has happened twice … I have changed holsters

    Daniel Lafontaine Aug 01, 2017

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