Should You Conceal Carry With A Round In The Chamber?


Since the beginning of my concealed carrying days I have always carried with a round chambered. This was always the case for me and I have felt very comfortable in doing so. There are some people though that don't carry with a round in the chamber.... Listen & I hope you enjoy.

Thank you for joining "The Bravo Audio Show." My name is Rene and I'm your host, the owner of Bravo Concealment. Thank you so much. Everybody out there, guys, you guys are killing it, you guys are rocking it out there for our podcast. Thank you so much. It means the world to me. Everybody out there on YouTube land, thank you so much as well for sharing your time and watching this video. Today, I want to talk about carrying a round inside the chamber. Carrying your gun with a round inside the chamber, is that safe?
I've always carried my gun with a round inside the chamber, ready to rock always. And so, from the beginning, it's always been that case. Now, when I first started concealed carrying, I started with a small Kimber 3 Inch. I think it was the Ultra Carry and a 1911. The best way to carry your gun is with a round inside the chamber with the hammer cocked back and the thumb safety on. That's the best way to run a 1911, and so that's what I did.
And so I trained with the Kimber all the way up to about 2007, or somewhere on there I got a GLOCK, and then I started wearing the GLOCK. And so to me it was just natural to go from a 1911 to the GLOCK carrying a round inside the chamber. I know a lot of people look at the GLOCK and think, "Well, maybe it's a little bit dangerous," because obviously, the 1911 does have that thumb safety on. It's got an external safety, and it also has a safety on the grip on the back. And so, you know, it's got those things going for it.
A GLOCK really looks pretty much plain. It does have the safety on the trigger. So, I can see why people are hesitant, but it's all about training, guys. Go out there, train. It's all about trigger discipline, making sure that you keep the trigger...making sure that you keep your trigger finger off the trigger until you come up to the target and you're ready to shoot. It's one of the three golden rules in gun safety.
So, it's about training. It's about feeling comfortable with your gun. Remember, a gun is an inanimate object. We talked about guns being an inanimate object. It's funny because, in our niche, we talked about guns are inanimate. You know, the guns don't kill people, people kill people. Whenever something bad happens, or we're trying to explain to the far left, the evil lies within the person, the gun is just a tool.
So, we're so quick to say that a gun is an inanimate object, except when we start concealed carrying or when we just start carrying period, especially appendage, "Oh, no, no, no, you don't want to do that man because you're going to shoot off your family jewels." Whatever the case may be, look, guys, a gun is an inanimate object that's not going to go off by itself. 
But we all get crazy whenever we start talking about carrying a gun, especially appendage, "Oh, you don't want to do that man because if it goes off..." It's not going to go off. If it goes off, it's because of you. Obviously, there's other scenarios where you want to reholster and a piece of clothing goes in there and it goes inside your holster and then you have a negligent discharge. I get that. I understand that. But for the most part, if you're safe and you understand how a gun works, keeping the trigger finger off the trigger, you're gonna be fine. A gun is not going to go off in your pants.
I always carry a round chambered in my gun. To me it's just...it comes natural. It's been that way from the get-go. I started concealed carrying back in '98. I think it was '99 when Texas first allowed concealed-carry licenses. So, to me, it's always been the natural thing.
And John Wayne said it best, I think it was in "True Grit" where he said, "What good is a gun if it ain't loaded?" Or, "A gun ain't good for nothing if it ain't loaded." One of those two. I'm butchering it. I'm not even trying to do John Wayne. It's not what...I'm just telling you that that was the line in the movie, right? So, yes, I always carry a gun loaded with a round inside the chamber ready to rock. And the other thing, too, is, you know, at that moment it's going to be very hard for you to think, "Well, maybe I need to rack my gun, so that I can stop this person." That's not going to happen. I hear other people say, "Well if I'm carrying this gun, I carry it loaded with a round inside the chamber, but if it's this gun, I don't because I don't trust it." Don't do that either.
Remember, when you train, and I've trained before and people tell you, "You always go back to your training." Even police officers they say that, and it's so true. So, don't mix and match. If you're going to do something, stick with that. Be consistent in the way you carry. If you carry a round in the chamber, make sure that you try to be consistent that way. If you're not, then that's fine as well. Look, this isn't about you should carry a round in the chamber. I'm telling you what I do and what most people out there do. If you don't want to carry a round in the chamber if you feel that you're not ready for it that's fine, you do whatever it is that's necessary.
The best thing for you to do is to go out there, conceal-carry on a regular basis or just consistently. If that means that you're not going to have a round in the chamber, so be it. I'm telling you guys it's all about training, it's all about going out there, training, making sure that you understand how the gun functions. And you can even do it in your garage or even in your bedroom making sure that the gun's not loaded, and just point in a safe direction preferably a corner in a room that leads to the outside of the house. Just point it somewhere safety and just holster and reholster, just train that way and make sure that your trigger finger's off the trigger, and you're going to be fine.
But, again, it all comes back to training. It all comes back to you, guys. A lot of people think that, "Well, I've got my CHO license. I've got my gun, so I'm ready to rock." Go out there and train, guys. Trust me, you need to do that. You need to go out there and train because a gun can be a dangerous tool, you know, and if they sit in the wrong hands, and in the wrong hands of a good, law-abiding, citizen it can be dangerous as well, not only to yourself but to the people around you. So, always remember that guys, go out there, train.
Again, I carry a round inside the chamber ready to rock. I've always done it that way. Almost everybody that I know carries that way. If you're not ready for it that just means that you just need to go out there and train for that.
So, guys, I hope this helps. Thanks for your time. It really means the world to me, man. You guys out there are killing it. Go check us out on YouTube. Again, everybody out there on YouTube, thank you for watching. Make sure you subscribe to our channel and click on that little bell on the top-right corner so that way every time that we upload a video, you're going to get a notification.
So, make sure...that's important, guys. And follow us on Facebook and on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram. Just go out there and Google Bravo Concealment, Twitter, you're going to find us, guys, we're out there. Thank you so much. Today's etc., real quick. I'm talking about guns, right? So, today's etc. Oh man, it's...just give me a second.
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Rene Aguirre

Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment. Rene has been carrying concealed on a daily basis for over 8 years and has been a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder for more than 20 years. Finding a high interest in firearms for many years, Rene started Bravo because of the “lack of” a good concealed carry holster on the market.

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