The Loaded Chamber Indicator - Thing


The Loaded Chamber Indicator - Thing by Abner Miranda


In this video Abner Miranda shares his opinions about "The Loaded Chamber Indicator" based off years of experience from observing others in various training courses. He explains how he has never encountered any examples of the loaded chamber indicator causing any malfunction after being exposed to muddy environments. If there was an instance of a stuck loaded chamber indicator then it can be attributted to the proper care and maintenance of your weapon. 


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  • Is there so little to write about in the gun world right now? Yes, some people excessively press check at the range during classes. Is that an issue? No.

    Mike Wood Jun 16, 2017
  • I agree with Abner the press check is more like the range dance or “clearing” your 6 most do it cause they see others do it. Buy an XD and use the loaded chamber indicator nuff said!! Unless you like training scars! Hey lets do a press check before we return fire or defend our lives!?

    Loki Jun 15, 2017
  • Amber I like your writing and your theory. I’ve done both. I prefer press checks. In the light, but in the dark I prefer brushing my finger over the loaded chamber indicator.
    However my comment today isn’t to argue over the best method. It’s more so to point out that if you make a living writing, then you need to seriously fix your grammar. This isn’t the first article I’ve read of yours that’s a pain to read because you never use commas or your words appear jumbled. I don’t have perfect grammar, but I’m also not a “professional” writer.

    Ben Jun 15, 2017
  • I think Abner is a solid, well-rounded, very experienced guy. When I first came across his channel about a year ago I couldn’t stop watching because his content was entertaining, relevant and we thought out.
    Lately I find myself scratching my head. It seems his more recent content (Tier 1 citizen) has gone a little haywire. They almost feel like commercials.
    Now, I will admit, there is a lot of B.S. in the industry generally speaking and specifically in regards to training and even more so in regards to training everyday people who want to own/ carry a gun for personal defense. But what is wrong with doing a press-check? It doesn’t take that much time or effort. I have handled dozens of firearms with indicators, many of them look and feel relatively the same loaded or unloaded, some are better than others and work well. In my experience they either work or they don’t, I have never seen or heard of one breaking.
    You didn’t “step on my toes”, I could care less how each individual chooses to get the job done, but don’t feed me some garbage about a press check being too cumbersome and expect me to swallow it whole. I’ll call out BS when I hear or see it, and I’m not afraid to challenge convention but I need a solid, tested and proven why I should or shouldn’t.

    Chris Jun 15, 2017
  • Takes less than two seconds, and I’m being conservative, to do a press check. Where do you get the whole “production” you talk about or not focusing on the upcoming drill from doing a press check?

    Dave Jun 15, 2017

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