The REAL Reason Why People Don’t Conceal Carry

Hey guys, 
   Many people have a hard time committing to something because they simply don’t have interests in it. That’s fine when you’re talking about following a sports team or a new television show. But what about when it comes to conceal carrying. I’ve said it before, “people who don’t conceal carry don’t  deserve to” I hear many people get sucked into the idea of carrying a gun to protect themselves and the loved ones around them. It’s all fine and dandy until they start conceal carrying. That’s when the rubber meets the road. Are you willing to commit to something that takes a little away from your everyday activities? Maybe some initial discomfort or a different wardrobe for better concealment. Or, what about not being able to go to your favorite places because handguns are prohibited. These things are real when it comes to conceal carrying. 
  I’m not trying to be negative here, I’m just being real. These are real issues we all go through when starting to carry a handgun. Although, they are obstacles, carrying a handgun is very doable. Many people concealed carry on a daily basis. You just need to commit. It’s gonna get easier, trust me. I feel naked when I’m not conceal carrying. I need my handgun around me at all times. I’m not a paranoid person, I’m just someone who is prepared. Something that is this important to you and those around you should be taken seriously. 
   I hope this helps someone out there who wants to start or get back into carrying. We all go through what you’re going through. You are no different than anyone else, we just decided to fully commit and not turn back. 
- Rene Aguirre, Owner, Bravo Concealment

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