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Trigger Finger High


Recently I was running an impromptu class for a couple of friends and noticed some minor trigger finger placement issues. It was a prime opportunity to show the guys that while they were following the standard safety rules of moving with their trigger finger off the trigger they were actually still placing them in an incorrect position and needed to be higher on the frame. Here's why.

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  • First I want to thank you for your valuable video presentations. Regarding the trigger finger high method it seems that it would work great for almost all pistols. However I find that with a pistol such my 1911 Kimber with Crimson Trace laser I obstruct the aiming device if I don’t place my trigger finger slightly lower than I normally would and outside the trigger guard. Any additional suggestions?
    Best regards,
    Pedro Solis

    Pedro Solis Sep 01, 2017
  • Makes total sense. I will add that to my training. Thanks for the heads up.

    Ray Strunk Sep 01, 2017

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