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Life is short, make the best of it. Like a batter up to the plate in baseball. Chances are that you will not hit a home run and in the process, strike out. But if you just keep grinding it out you will succeed. You have one life, make the most of it and keep taking swings. You will succeed in the end. Enjoy



Time is something that you can never get back. Do you have something that you love, and you wanna do? Go out there and do it, man. Go out there and get it done. You only have one life, and it goes by quick, guys. It goes by quick. It took a long time for Bravo to get to where it's at. A lot of hard work. Go get it done, man, you only have one life. That's it, you know. Don't live it by somebody else's rules. Thank you for joining "The Bravo Audio Show." My name is Rene Aguirre. I'm the owner of Bravo Concealment. I wanna say hi to everybody out there, especially on camera 9 there. We're here. We've got YouTube going on. What we're doing is we're streaming all our podcasts on YouTube, so don't miss that. Go to YouTube. Go check it out. Go subscribe to our YouTube channel. 
You know, today, I wanna talk about, you know, a couple of things. One of the things is that you only have one life. So go out there and get it done. That's it. You got one chance, man, and so go out there. Don't worry about... Think of life as, like, maybe, a baseball season, you know. You're gonna go up to bat. You got 162 games, and you try to do your best. You're gonna fail. You're gonna strike out, but if you're swinging for the fences, it's gonna happen, right? But, man, it's that single. It's that double. It's that triple. It's that home run. It's that grand slam. A hundred and sixty-two games, man, what do you wanna do? You wanna end up with a 300 batting average or better, right? So you can do that, guys, but you need to understand that you're gonna strike out every once in a while, but you gotta go out there. You gotta get in front of the pitcher. You got to get at that plate. You gotta get some at-bats. And so the way to get some at-bats is that, you know, you gotta be a good player. So how do you become a good player? You go out there. You practice. You become a practitioner, and you do things after that, you know. You go out there, if you have to do some research, go out there and do some research.
Guys, go get it done, man. You only have one life. That's it, you know. Don't live it by somebody else's rules. Now, again, I'm not saying to go out there and, you know, be a rebel and a... No, guys. I'm talking about living somebody else's life. You know, maybe your parents planned out a life for you or your uncle told you that you needed to do this or your friends are telling you to do this or that or that you're never gonna do that, so don't even go there. You know, just stick with something small because they're not secure enough to go out there and try something, so they kind of wanna make you insecure so that, you know, you guys can be buddy buddies, and you guys can hang out on the weekends together. Guys, if you have dreams, if you have aspirations, if you have something that you love and you wanna do, go out there and do it, man. Go out there and get it done. You only have one life, and it goes by quick, guys. It goes by quick, you know. You're a teenager, you're 13, 14, and then tomorrow, you're 20, 30 and then next year, you're 40, 50, and then a couple of years later, you're 60, 70, you're pushing 80. Guys, I'm telling you, it goes by fast. It really does. 
Time is something that you never get back. Why do you think people like to carry the iPhone around or any smartphone with them? Because it makes them faster and faster is cool. Why? Because time is of the essence, man. Look at Uber. Uber sells time. Basically, it's what they do. It's, like, they can get an Uber, you know...if I go on the Uber app, I can get an Uber car in here in about two minutes. If I call the taxi company, it's gonna take about 10, 15 minutes. Guys, I'm telling you, time is of the essence. Time is important. Everybody understands that, especially in social media. Everybody wants everything faster. You know, computers are getting faster. Everything is getting faster. Fast food, all that, and it's not a bad thing. It allows you to do a whole lot more during the day. 
It allows you to be productive. You want to be a YouTuber? Go out there and create content, put it out there consistently. Go out there and do it. And be patient. But at the same time, know yourself and know what kind of content you're putting out and, you know, after a year... Here's a mistake that a lot of people do. They put out two videos. They don't get any likes, and they're, like, "Oh, well, forget it. You know, this ain't gonna work for me." Guys, it takes longer than that. Do you know how many people are on YouTube? YouTube is a tough game now. It is a very tough game, but you can still get it done. You just need to go out there, put content, and make sure that the content is good, right? And be patient at the same time. But at the same…but while you're being patient, be productive. Go out there and get things done, guys. You have to. There's no way around that. There's no shortcut. There's no buying bots or this and that. No, man. You gotta go out there. 
You gotta be better than other people out there. And the way to be better, a lot of people make mistakes is, you know, going back to baseball, the way to be better is to hit grand slams. No. The way to be better is to get on base and be productive and be consistent. That's the way to be better. If you need a bunt, double down and triple down on that bunt and do it and do it right, execute it. If you need a base hit, go out there and make sure that you can do…that you can hit a base hit. You gotta run on a second. All you need is to get the ball out of the infield, per se. 
And so it's little things like that. It's executing and knowing how to execute. But, it doesn't come naturally. You have to study. You have to go out there and be a practitioner. Like I said, you have to go out there and find out what's working on YouTube. And find out what guys are doing, the guys that are getting a bunch of followers, and see what they're doing, and maybe, you know, take a piece from them here and there and create something that, maybe, no one has created. I did a podcast yesterday talking about pioneers. You know, pioneers are the ones that get there first, but they get all the arrows, man. A dangerous life or it was a dangerous life back then. Literally, right? But figuratively, it's still a dangerous life because it may not work out for you. When you're blazing that trail, it may not work out for you. But, guys, if it does, it's the grand slam in the ninth inning to win the home run. I mean... But, guys, if it does, it's the grand slam in the ninth inning to win the game. 
You've got one life. Go out there. Get it done, guys. Get it done. Find what it is that you have a passion for and just start doing it. I mean, it can be anything. Go to YouTube. There's people that have YouTube channels with a lot of subscribers, and they're out there, you know, tasting burgers or talking about "My Little Pony" or, you know, making little videos with Barbie dolls. It's, like, crazy, crazy, but it can be done. You just gotta go out there, be patient and just work, man. Go out there and just grind it out. Triple down on what you're good at. Go grind it out, and you're gonna see results. And if you don't, also, self-awareness is very important, obviously. Know if it's not working, then maybe it's time that you start looking, you know, at another avenue. Still, something that you love to do but try to do it differently, you know, and then just go out there and create content and put it out there. Put it out there, guys. 
I can say this because that's what we did at Bravo. I've never been a podcaster. Never ever. They would invite me on podcast shows, and I would say no. Isn't that crazy? And now, "The Bravo Audio Show," and I'm doing them. It's crazy. This was three months ago. I remember getting invited to a huge podcast show, and I said no, and then I realized that I missed out on such an awesome opportunity, awesome opportunity. It's, like, you know, bottom of the ninth, you're up to bat, you're down by one, you know you got someone on second base, all you need is a base hit, and I chickened out. I said, "No, man. I can't go out there, coach." And I learned a valuable lesson. Something that I already knew because that's the way I started Bravo is just seeing an opportunity and taking it. But, guys, I should have taken that opportunity. 
So fast forward six months later and I'm out here, and I'm, like, guys, or about maybe four months later. I don't know if this was six months. It could have been a year ago. It's just time. It's just so busy, guys, the past three years, you know, with Bravo. Bravo has been around for almost eight, but the past three years have been crazy. I mean, we have really...talk about grinding it out and doubling down and tripling down on something. We've really done that with social media, and so it's been crazy, man, and... But fast forward, you know, eight months or whatever, you know, we're doing our first podcast show, and I'm doing it out of an iPhone. I'm driving in my car. You can hear the hum and the rumble of the car because, you know, it's a Hellcat and I'm out there creating content. But I went out there, and I did it, man, and I didn't allow for an opportunity to pass me by anymore. So, guys, go out there. Do it. 
Don't worry about the naysayers and that was one of the biggest things. Don't worry about the naysayers, man. The naysayers are always gonna be there, and if you listen to them, then they're just gonna galvanize you, and you're not gonna be able to do anything. Don't worry about that. Understand that the world is full of naysayers and the reason there's naysayers out there is, number one, a lot of us feed from it. I feed from it. Till you sit down in front of me and tell me that I can't do something, and I'll try to figure out a way to do it. Not to prove you wrong because I don't care, per se, but just to prove to myself that I can do it. So naysayers are actually good. They don't know that. They think that, ah, you know, you're hurting me, whatever. But at the same time, they can also be a nuisance, right? So we understand that. 
They're always gonna be there. You know, don't stand there and say, "Well, sticks and stones may break my bones, but it hurts when their...but words will never hurt me." No, man. Words hurt. We get that. But, you know, after a while, you become callous, and then after a longer while, it's like you feed off it. I'm telling you, guys. I mean, that's what happened with me and so, again, don't worry about the naysayers. They're always gonna be there. Just go out there. You have one life, guys. Go out there and do it. Go out there and get it done. 
Time is of the essence. Go do it. Be patient. If you're 18, you got a long way to go. I didn't start Bravo until I was 37. Thirty-seven, guys, and, you know, I worked for 20 years at a government job, and it was good. It was a blessing. It paid well. It had benefits and all that, but it wasn't…I felt…again, I said it before, I felt like a square peg in a round hole. Just it wasn't for me. And if you feel that way and you know it's not for you and you have some idea, try it out. Do it. I didn't quit my job and started Bravo. I actually overlapped both of them for about two years, three years. Actually, I kind of took a little too long but, you know, do things and do 'em right. I had something to fall back in case Bravo just didn't take off. I never thought Bravo was gonna get this big. Never ever. Well, I don't wanna say never ever, but it rarely crossed my mind that Bravo would get this big. But as time went on, I understood that it could get that big and that I could leverage it and scale it, or not leverage it, but that I could use the branding that was going on with Bravo and scale that. And after a while, it became clear, and I realized that the more that I wasn't at Bravo, I was hurting Bravo, so I just had to make that decision. 
One of the hardest decisions that I ever had to make, and this is the reason why because all my life growing up, I just heard people telling me that get a good job, and it was a great job. I mean, the job that I had, people would literally fight over for it because it was just such a great job. And so for me to say, you know, "I don't want this anymore," that was crazy, you know? You know, family or friends would tell me, "Are you sure that's what you wanna do? I mean, don't do it." I mean, I would have people that I cared about truly deeply, and I still love today, tell me not to do it. And so it hurt, man. It stung, but at the same time, I was, like, "I have to succeed because people don't believe in me as much as I do, so I need to prove to myself that I am right, that I can do this." And that's what I did. 
And, you know, during all of that, it proved to the other people as well that my decision was the right decision. But never went out there doing it out of spite just to, like, show somebody, like, "Hey, man, I'm gonna show these guys, so I'm gonna go out there and do this." Never ever. Don't do it for them. Don't do it to just stick it to someone because you're gonna get impatient. You're gonna want everything ASAP. You're gonna want everything now. You're gonna want that new car now so that you can drive by your friend's house that said, "Oh, he can't do it." And so that you can just drive by his house and show him and, you know, the fat bank account or whatever it is. You're gonna get impatient, and that's why people lose. It took a long time for Bravo to get to where it's at. A lot of hard work. Going back to my original statement, you only have one life. Go out there and do it. Go out there and get it done, guys. 
Guys, thanks for listening, man. It truly means the world to me. You guys are awesome. You guys are killing it on podcast at "The Bravo Audio Show." We're everywhere, guys. We're on Spotify. We're on SoundCloud. We're on iHeartRadio. We're everywhere, guys. Go check us out. Make sure that you share this podcast and that you five star it, guys. It will mean the world to me. You can one star it. I get it. I'm not trying to be a dictator. I am a benevolent dictator, though. You know, I kind of dictate what goes on here. As you can see, I don't have any guests or anything like that, so I talk about what I feel in my heart, what I feel that I should share with you, guys. I'm not a motivator. I don't consider myself a motivator, a motivational speaker or anything like that. I just come out here, and I just say what I feel, and hopefully, it's entertaining, and it's interesting, and hopefully, you can get something out of it. You know, I wish I had somebody out on the radio on a podcast saying things like this when I was out there, you know, working for 20 years doing something that I didn't really wanted to do. So, guys, I'm just paying it forward, guys. I'm just giving back to everybody out there. Hopefully, you know, you can take something from it. If not, cool. I get it. I understand. 
Guys, follow us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. We're under Bravo Concealment. Snapchat and Twitter, we're under Bravo Holsters. Go check out Musical.ly. We're under Bravo Concealment as well. We haven't done much there, but Musical.ly is pretty cool and go to our YouTube page and make sure you're subscribed because you're gonna can see these podcasts on there, and go to bravoconcealment.com. Awesome deals that we have got. Look, I actually had my…I forgot I had it on me. I got my EDC. It's a torsion gun holster. It's a Glock 19. I had it on me appendix. Guys, I'm telling you, these holsters are awesome, guys. These holsters are what made us who we are, and we love all of these products that we have, and we just wanna put them in your hands. Our goal, Bravo's goal is to put a Bravo Concealment gun holster in everybody's hands. Is that achievable or attainable? Probably not but we're not gonna stop until, you know, we get there. So there you go. We ain't going nowhere. 
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Rene Aguirre

Rene Aguirre is the founder and owner of Bravo Concealment. Rene has been carrying concealed on a daily basis for over 8 years and has been a CHL (concealed handgun license) holder for more than 20 years. Finding a high interest in firearms for many years, Rene started Bravo because of the “lack of” a good concealed carry holster on the market.

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