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Is Passion All You Really Need?

Passion is an awesome weapon to have in your arsenal of tools to be great but it does take several tools to achieve greatness.

You Only Have One Life, Own It! - The Bravo Audio Show Podcast

Life is short, make the best of it. Like a batter up to the plate in baseball. Chances are that you will not hit a home run and in the process, st...

Think Different, Be A Pioneer - The Bravo Audio Show Podcast

Pioneers usually take in the arrows. That's OK though because blazing a new trail is one of the best ways to get somewhere no one has ever been.

Big Guys vs. Appendix Carry - The Bravo Audio Show / Bravo Concealment

Appendix carry with a belly? You can but you have to understand that you need to be real with yourself when it comes to "pant size". Muffin top wi...

Are Millennials The WORST Generation Ever? The Bravo Audio Show Podcast

Many people are calling the Millennials the WORST generation ever! With their safe space and easily offended attitude. Here is my take on this sub...

What's The Best Concealed Carry Gun?! The Bravo Audio Show Podcast

Many people don't conceal carry simply because they choose the wrong gun.

Survival, What's The Key? The Bravo Audio Show Podcast

It is not the strongest of the species that survives but the most adaptable. Professor Megginson said this about the studies on species. This can ...

Branding Your Product - Weekly Vlog / Bravo Concealment

It's the little things that make a huge difference sometimes. 

People Are Gonna Let You Down - The Bravo Audio Show Podcast

Be Selfless to the true meaning of the word. People are gonna let you down. Let me say that again, "they're gonna let you down." Don't expect anyt...

"I Don't Like School" - The Bravo Audio Show Podcast - Bravo Concealment

Kids will have problems with certain subjects. Focus on the good for a change. This doesn't mean we ignore the bad. 

Does Hard Work Really Pay Off?

Hard work is the staple in the American work ethic. Many of us for get that and need to be reminded often. Don't lose focus on hard work and patie...

Weekly Vlog: People Who Feel Entitled & Woody's EDC

  This is our weekly Snapchat and Instagram Stories put together in one video. In this video I talk about people who feel entitled, why I run the ...