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Rapid Growth Problems

I got a question from a fellow Snapchat-er and I wanted to take the time and answer this on a Blog since I figured it was a good question.

Why Many Businesses Fail? They Don't Dig Enough.

Many people want the blessing but don't want to put in the work behind it. If you don't want it bad enough then you don't deserve it.

Behind The Scenes - A Montage

Here is a short video showing some of the things we do here at Bravo Concealment on a daily basis. Everything you see wash shot "In House".

Aim More Shoot Less

  There's not much else to say about this video other than watch and learn.

EDC (Every Day Carry)

Some thoughts on EveryDay Carry from my car as I'm driving to work early (5:50 am) to get those Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale orders out! Enjoy

Tier 1 Citizen: GS17 Shoulder It

This is one of those "101" type videos that I want you guys to consider. If at all possible you really should have a shoulder fired weapon close a...

Hard Decisions - Ep.2 - The Bravo Audio Show

Good enough can be hypnotic and is a bad place to be when you know you’re better than good enough.

Team Players - Ep.1 - The Bravo Audio Show

Failure is part of success. When you fail your path to success gets shorter. You must learn from your failures though. That is the difference make...

The Combat Stance

Feet are parallel and staggered (about shoulder width apart) with the toes pointed in the same direction. Non dominant foot forward (but can be sw...

Is Slide Work Necessary?

The only thing that makes you faster, better, and smooth is time on the range. Slowly putting box after box of ammo through your pistol is the onl...

Kydex Holster Sales Are "Really Bad"! Conclusive - Haters pt. 2

Early November Vlog on Bad Kydex Holster Sales and being conclusive in your thoughts. Oh, and of course, more Trolls.

Learning Who You Are Under Stress

Few among us can truly tell what they will do under a high stress, life threatening situation. We tend to have a preconceived notion of what we th...