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Always Moving Forward - DON'T be a Monument be a Movement

People sometimes get galvanized when something bad happens. Whether it's our own fault or something out of our immediate control. Let's face it th...

Why This Was The HARDEST Decision I Ever Had To Make! - Bravo Concealment

In business there is one decision I had so much trouble making, and that was leaving my prior job to go full throttle into Bravo. 

Printing And Concealed Carry - Why Nobody Cares!

Most of us are so vain that we think all eyes are on us at every moment. Most people out there don't care about your presence in a room much less ...

Is Knowledge Overrated? - The Power Of Application

Many people "know" but how many apply what they "know"? Knowledge is simply knowledge. Applied knowledge is power!

Answering Questions From Our Fans - Quick Q&A

A couple of questions from our fans were sent in and I decided to answer them on the air. Hope you enjoy.   

Good Is A Killer Of Greatness

Good is "Good" but is it good enough? Sometimes it isn't. It's hard to let it go of "good" to pursue greatness. Many of us get galvanized by the c...

How NOT To Sell To The Market - Mother Nature Laughs Last

Many people put their interest in front o fetch markets interest. This is a BIG mistake because the Market doesn't care about your interest. 

Are You Too Old To Start A Business?

Don't ever think that you're too old to start something, even a new career. I was about 38 when I realized that I wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

Why No Left Handed Holsters & More... - Interview Pt. 2

It is very important to me that you know as much as you can about us. I feel that when you spend you hard earned money, you'd like to know where i...

Interruptions: Why I Carry Concealed

Incidents in life put things in perspective. It opens our eyes to what we can do to better ourselves. It's the "survival" instinct that we all hav...

Dealing With Trolls - The Bravo Audio Show

Internet Trolls are always on the move. It's almost the norm to run into some type of inflammatory, or off-topic messages in an online community. 

How Bravo Concealment Started Making Gun Holsters - Interview Pt. 1

The inception of Bravo Concealment. How it all got started. In this interview I answer questions about how Bravo got started, why Kydex and many m...